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DSCF7890You never walk the whole mile to spot a good place and then, in a place like Calabar where so many good places poke you in the face, it is very easy to assume that all that glitters is gold. Perhaps too, you are in that crowd that swings with everything, especially a semblance of almost, but if you heard the American diva, Brandy, very well, “Almost Doesn’t Count”.DSCF7875

Welcome to the delightful presence of DELIGHTSOME, Calabar’s one stop ‘step in and indulge’ offering. Situated off the always flex thumping Marian Road; Old Ikang precisely, directly opposite the ageless Marian Hotel, this place packs punches without taking prisoners. It calmly sucks you in with a wonderful first impression lavishly given out in the masterful paint work on the wall outside. Inside, the finishing is top draw, exquisite and bold. On all fronts, DELIGHTSOME offers no bland options because it is clear from what you experience that the eggheads there didn’t hurriedly put the place together.DSCF7873

The VIP Lounge
The VIP Lounge

On your left as you step into the courtyard is the V.I.P LOUNGE, put in place for men and women of distinction. The interior decor is alluring, colourful and pamper you as you sink into the carefully lined sofas. Swing your gaze around and take in the art works, the neon lights as well as the full to the brim wine bar. It will amaze you to discover that at very moderate prices, you can run the clock down and enjoy private/intimate moments in their lounge. If you however want to sit in the courtyard elaborately, there is just the right kind of space for you and then there is more. ‘Suya’, prepared by expert hands and in a hygienic environment is available. For those who do fish, displayed on a banner in the place is the information, “H.O.D Fish” with the rider, “Point and Kill”. If this is not an apt serving, nothing ever will.

The ‘HOD’ Fish

You don’t let a man drink on an empty stomach, one reason the people at DELIGHTSOME have carefully put a kitchen together that churns out mouth-watering dishes. The traditional ‘Ekpang’ that they serve is rich and your money’s worth. Because it is served on demand, no details are left out in making your finger licking experience measurable pleasure.

You just will love their Unique Selling Proposition, USP. As people in serious business, they brought in a state of the art cold room, tucked it in a corner at the place and freeze their drinks in it. If you do get there and you don’t get a wonderfully cold bottle of your favourite drink, please check very well, you may be at another place not the DELIGHTSOME place that we are talking about.

Daniel Abam

Daniel Abam is the brain behind this place; a young man who acquitted himself well in the banking industry before leaving to go be his own man. He tells you without mincing words that “this place is a one-stop place for the pleasures that you need away from the stress of everyday living and more. All classes of customers have a place here and it is not in doubt from how you are attended to here that you the customer is the reason we are in business, we take that seriously”. In between phone calls and chit chats with his manager, he assures his customers that “the standard here will be maintained and when the need for sure arises, we will re-invent what we do here to keep our customers going”. It is a serious committal statement and we are convinced he means it.

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