“CRSG Used Operation Skolombo To Close Down My Business” – Ray Ugba Morphy

Morphy and some Sugarland staff

Unrepentant critic of the Ben Ayade administration, life coach and businessman, Ray Ugba Morphy, disclosed on his Facebook page today that he closed down his Sugarland Lounge “… after policemen driving in five Operation Skolombo pickups were sent to harass customers and arrest my staff on trumped up charges obviously as a result of my outspokenness on the bad governance and looting in CRS. The closure is necessary to protect both my staff and customers from undue embarrassment and illegal arrests”.

He adds that, “I have since petitioned the IG POLICE ON THE ILLEGAL USE OF POLICEMEN ATTACHED TO SKOLOMBO for political witch hunting and vendetta. I know everyone involved and they have just put their heads in a bee hive. Those who are wise know better than to stick your faces in the hives of African bees. I make this clarification because of the enquiries from well-meaning friends and supporters. I also enjoin my friends, supporters and well-wishers to keep calm. WE WILL KICK THEM OUT in 2 years to bring back the glory of CRS. And that is a promise you can take that to the bank”

In a swift reaction to the allegation, National Vice Chairman, South South of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, Hillard Etta urge Morphy, who he described as “a party Elder” to avail the APC with the necessary information (surrounding the allegation) while pledging forcefully that “…impunity will not stand in the new Nigeria”.

Reacting also to this unfortunate incident, Iniobong Jackson, President of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria, Cross River and Akwa Ibom states branch, submitted on the Facebook comment thread that, “the level of childishness in governance is just becoming too alarming. The effect of such action goes really deep and it affects more people than you. How many of them make effort to put anything on ground that can engage others with their private effort? This is just too bad. After all the investment, if we keep doing this to local investors, how do we expect foreign investors to be foolish enough to come and invest, except the foreign Portfolio fraudsters and currency traffickers”

About 40 persons in the employ of the food and entertainment outfit are believed to have lost their jobs as a result of the forced closure, even though government sources contacted by www.calitown.com are faulting Morphy’s claims. One source who has elected to remain anonymous because of the sensitive nature of this issue, informed that “the closure of the place is tied more to unpaid taxes that he owes government and not what he is talking about. He just wants to whip absent sentiments and I think he is doing a bad job at that”.

This is the second administration to clampdown on Morphy’s businesses. Recall that the Donald Duke administration closed down his “Oliver Twist” outfit located at Atekong by Marian Road, several years ago and planted grasses on the business spot in what was a direct response to Morphy’s perceived left hand views and fearless criticisms of government actions.

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