Cross Riverian Who Predicted Arrest Of PH Serial Killer Speaks

L: Morphy, R: West the suspect.

Unknown to several people, the arrest this week of suspected Port Harcourt serial killer, Gracious David West, by the Nigerian police, was widely predicted by a Cross Riverian, who took to social media and with precision told the world that West will be arrested this week and the suspect was indeed arrested.

Ray Ugba Morphy, politician and social commentator had written in a Facebook post on Monday, September 16, 2019 that, “I pray for girls in PH, none deserves to die at the spring of life. Father of lights, expose him b4 this week ends. So be it” and indeed the last part of his post came to pass with the arrest, two days after of the suspect. He went further to acknowledge his prediction with another post on Wednesday, September 18, 2019, “My God answers because my God is spirit. The PH demon is gone down this week! Thank you Father. I know you hear us always.”

Contacted by, Morphy maintained that when a man is at peace with his God his positive prayers will help arrest negative people and their actions. It is against God’s wish for another man to take away the life of another man, especially in the manner the serial killer went about his wicked business, he further maintained. Asked to make further predictions, Morphy declined, pointing out that such a serious matter that concerns God and spiritual actions must not be something for showmanship.

The suspect on interrogation by the police said he used pillowcases to tie his victim before she was allegedly killed in a hotel room in Rukpokwu, about 18 kilometres from Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital city. The 26-year-old West, was arrested on Wednesday on the East-West Road heading to Uyo from Port Harcourt. He said in a video the Nigerian police posted to its official Twitter handle he had transactional sex with a nameless victim. Hours later, the victim was killed.

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