Cracks Emerge As Ayade’s Appointees Break Into Ranks, Quarrel

Just days after the Peoples Democratic Party, faithful in Cross River State accorded Cross River State governor, Ben Ayade, a rousing welcome after his victory at the Supreme Court, it is emerging that in a bid to outdo each other, pursuant to currying political favours from the state governor, several of the governor’s appointees are presently pitched against each other, to the disappointment of several political watchers, can reveal.

First, it is no hidden secret that the political movement christened “Thumbs Up For Ayade”, is the umbrella movement being used by Ayade’s commissioners to boost their political relevance and thrust their ambitions forward. A very vocal commissioner in the administration is believed to be the arrow head of this movement, securing office space on the very busy Marian Road and gingering other commissioners into the movement. Perhaps not to be outdone in the tussle for relevance, Special Advisers in the administration have responded with their own movement, christening theirs, “Save With Ayade”. The respective uniforms worn by these groups at Ayade’s reception, reflected the leanings of these category of appointees.

In an unfortunate twist to all of this power tussle, Secretary to the Cross River State Government, Tina Banku Obi, in the last 24 hours, engaged Dominic Kidzu, believed to be a government, in a Whatsapp Platform spat that clearly washed dirty linens and portrayed both characters in bad light. We however refuse at this point to publish the content of the spat where both Obi and Kidzu, who are lawyers, flaunted their post-call achievements and said unprintable things in a raging supremacy battle. “I am of the opinion that no matter what, the SSG should not have come down from her high position to quarrel like a petty trader. Kidzu on his own should have been man enough to ignore whatever provocation fuelled this spat”, one source confided in

One observer who has elected to remain anonymous said in a text message to that, “…what do you expect from a large crowd of appointees with no defined roles? They are all battling for survival by any means necessary and if they can be deceitful enough, in their estimation, they can attract the governor’s attention and feed fat on our lean resources”. We are unable to correctly say, at the time of going to press, if these machinations have reached the governor’s ears.

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