CR: Senior Civil Servant Fingered As Receiver Of Stolen CICC Items

Some of the items in question

Competent sources in Calabar, the Cross River State capital, suspect that a senior civil servant in the state may have overtime been the receiver of certain stolen items from the Calabar International Convention Centre, CICC, in a case that is presently under investigation by the police, has been informed.

The items in question, ten big buckets of Jotun paint, a 22 kg HR-132S mini bar Haier Thermocool refrigerator and three steel security doors are believed to have been stolen from the CICC and sold to her. The bubble however burst when the MD of CICC, Rosemary Onah, acting on a tip-off, reported the matter at the Federal Housing Police Station, an action which led to the arrest of some security men in the CICC. While the security men are thought to have not even a vague knowledge of this unscrupulous activity, investigations by the police led to the discovery of the said items in the civil servant’s possession leading to her subsequent arrest.

Over the recent Sallah holiday when spoke with the MD, CICC, Rosemary Onah, over the phone, she confirmed that the items were stolen and expressed deep displeasure that the civil servant in question, a Primary Health Care co-ordinator (name withheld) in one of the local governments in the state, was fingered as the suspected receiver of the items. While the suspect did not deny over the phone, her arrest and detention at the Federal Housing Police Station, when contacted her over the phone, she however maintained that she had no information to volunteer until she clears with the police.

As we followed up with independent investigations, discovered that the suspect offered the police a huge amount of money, to water down the heat the case was generating, but the money, initially taken, was handed back to her when it became clear that the CICC MD was hell bent on seeing the end of the case. At the instance of the suspect, several interceding representations were also made to the MD, who we can inform, turned down these representations, even refusing to take several phone calls as pressure was mounted on her to sweep the matter under the carpet. The police officer investigating the matter, a lady, also bluntly refused to volunteer any information when sought her out. Meanwhile, the suspected civil servant at press time, had handed over to the police, one person she claimed to the police, sold the items to her, he remains in police custody.

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