“CR PDP Is Not Competing With Labour Party” – Ntufam John Okon

Ntufam John Okon
Ntufam John Okon
While the Labour Party in CRS has come out smoking and accusing the PDP of masterminding the attack on the party’s senatorial candidate, PDP State Chairman, John Okon has come out plain to say his party is not in competition with the LP. It is a must read tomorrow, Saturday, February 28, 2015. Promises to be another www.calitown.com special. Don’t Miss It!

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  1. A change in the generation of internally generated revenue for development:
    Creation and management of cross rivers state maritime academy, a department under the University of Calabar, and ministry of agriculture and mineral resources; department of marine resources and transport could be revitalised.

    The Marine Academy will carter for the empowerment of the teaming youth from the three senatorial districts in the state , that shows great passion and interests in training and acquiring maritime skills within the shipping/oil &gas industry in the nation.
    This Academy could be sited in the Bakassi LGA where easy access to the sea is feasible. And specialised training equipment, and favourable training environment made possible by nature.

    Ministry of Agriculture and mineral resources ,marine department will be charged with the responsibilities of harnessing, the oil minerals and marine/aquatic resources of the state in partnership with stake holders, Bank of Industry, African Development Bank, and UNDP, in synergy with our natural and economic neighbours; Cameroun Republic, Equatorial Guinea, and akwa-ibom state.

    The most economically viable location , will be Bakassi LGA. In consideration of creating a maritime village within the unceded part of the peninsular, where we can create and dredge a channel, site a sea port for shipping and marine commercial activities for mutual trade benefits for Bakassi people, cross rivers state, Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria, our two 2 neighbours to the south south East and south of the state, including UNDP and all other stake holders.

    I, believe Cross Rivers state could benefit more by generating more economic power and most needed internally generated revenue for the uncommon development and transformations of the entire state. However,this source of development,economic empowerment and economic power, will bring the state out of its present list of one of the impoverished state , civil servant state to a more agrarian ,strong ,reliable and economically viable state in the federation.

    While the siting Governor and government will be written in gold for outstanding performance and delivery of the physical and tangible premium value and evidence of democracy to the people .

    Nigeria will be satisfied to have resettled the displaced Bakassi returnees effectively, and also not lost out completely, economically and commercially from seceding the territory/peninsular. The Akwa Ibom state would have heaved a sigh of relieve by contributing its quota to the resuscitation of cross rivers state from the socio-economic pains of given birth to her , which contributed in part to the present poor economic status of the state.

    The Cameroonian Government,southern, and most especially the south western Cameroonians would have felt relieved from the burden of cheating Nigerian and putting their brothers through the hard labour and hardship ,socially and economically as it is the situation presently.

    The Equatorial Guinea will be more relaxed to deal with Cameroonians and Nigerians freely than it is the case today.

    The UN will be proud that at least it has helped Nigeria to recover to some extend the ceding of its oil rich peninsular to the Cameroons peacefully.

    The Financial institutions and private partners/investors in the project will count their gains, and be ready to invest more in cross rivers state transformational projects!

    Please my incoming governor and government of Cross River state and the Federal Government, consider this thought and vision as a change factor in the present dispensation/Government.
    My leaders, Elders and the youth of Bakassi lets convert this vision into reality. Ask me how?……… Next edition.(Navy Commander. Patrick Odiong Rtd.- Maritime security practitioner)

  2. Government of Cross Rivers State have not addressed the issues I highlighted in inovations in internally generated revenue in maritime industry .

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