CR PDP: Hammer May Drop On Ndoma-Egba, Jedy Agba, Others

pdpWhile the dust from Goddy Jedy Agba’s governorship declaration yesterday and former governor, Donald Duke’s speech at the occasion, has not settled, has just been informed that after this afternoon’s meeting at the PDP secretariat in Calabar, the party may be angling for the suspension from the party of high-profile members like Senate Leader, Victor Ndoma-Egba, Goddy Jedy Agba and a few others, considered to be on a different page with the party’s leadership in CRS.

This move, considered a bad approach may see the PDP in CRS sink deeper into a crisis that she has long managed, away from the prying eyes of political watchers. Observers say those who are pushing for the suspension of these crop of party men appear threatened by the seeming formidability of these party men which has seen them appear to defy what one commentator has referred to as the “negative conventions of the party”. Perhaps it is also important to say that two identifiable sections of the party ave been locked in a battle for the soul of the party, made evident by the events that came to the fore in the party’s ward congresses held not too long ago.

Ndoma-Egba has been vocal, alongside other senators in the red chamber, in their condemnation of the role played by the party leadership in the states. Particularly, he earlier this week told journalists in Abuja that, “defending democracy is bigger than the Senate ….I am sure you are aware that the PDP caucus met yesterday and today (Tuesday and Wednesday, this week) on fundamental issues affecting democracy in Nigeria, arising from the ward congress of our party last Saturday…The issues need to be addressed very urgently by relevant PDP stakeholders in the interest of our democracy . You will all surely be briefed when the issues are addressed”.

Duke who expressed dismay at the deliberate creation of a divide within the party, may after all be sounding out the feelings of a cross-section of party men who have faulted the governorship selection process within the party. Reactions may follow shortly.

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