CR PDP Chairman Replies Pro Ndoma-Egba Group

By Ntufam John Achort Okon
By Ntufam John Achort Okon
I have only bothered to respond to the bickerings of Ernest Irek and co, published on the online news platform, because of the tissue of lies conveyed in the write-up. Again, I make my response with the plain intention of informing us all that when people abuse you, like Irek has done in his write-up, they throw too much to the wind and foreclose any chance(s) of reconciliation; politics played this way is politics with bitterness.

For people like Ernest Irek who need to be reminded, the game of draught, like all other useful games, first serves to relax the player and then ‘excite’ him into making useful moves on the board. It is not a contact sport but an intellectual one, played by men and women in several communities across the country. Beyond what it is, it is indeed a game that entertains both the players and spectators. I am happy that Irek wantonly said I was playing draughts in my village when I was picked up, dusted and made the Chairman of the PDP in Cross River State albeit with no political background. Happily, he did not say I was engaged in one fraudulent entrprise or the other. It is also a statement that forgets too soon that I rose in the Civil Service of Cross River State to become the Clerk of the State House of Assembly; you do not rise to that level if you have no political background, short and simple.

How do you rate performance or someone’s ineptitude? It is not rocket science, but our party in CRS has 196 councilors, controls all the 18 local government areas in the state, the 25 House of assembly seats available in the state, including the one APC seat in Obubra that Irek was beaten to. Isn’t the PDP in control of all eight House of Reps seats, including his Obubra/Etung Federal Constituency seat? We also have in our political kitty, the three senatorial seats, including the Central Senatorial seat that Irek boasted he was going to deliver to the Labour Party. All of these happened while John Achort Okon was Chairman of the PDP and yet Irek looks at this success story and writes that, “Okon and his co-travellers have just hit the earth”. It is a class act in calling white, black. He needs to be reminded that God controls the affairs of men and uses the humble to humiliate the boastful like him.

For clarity, Ernest Irek and his band of politicians need to know that my relationship with Victor Ndoma-Egba did not begin in 1998, By God’s grace, Ndoma-Egba will soon realize that I have never been and will never be his problem. Whatever pitched him against the party in CRS is bigger than one individual’s interest in a collective process.

Before we get to 2019, those like Irek who have already seen tomorrow run the risk of playing God. 2019 is not the year of the Armageddon, and if we are not content with living one day at a time, our warped ambitions may lead us to living on no days at all times. What is my preoccupation now is to seek the face of God so that he will grant me the grace to do his will for the general good of Cross Riverians. I refuse to dwell on the political pastime of Irek and his friends who hop from one party to the other, seeking vain relevance and impacting on no one. Let 2019 come and let us see if the sun and the moon will not shine or if rain will cease falling or worse still if the heavens will fall only on John Achort Okon’s head. Irek has been clobbered by his persistent and restless political ambitions, may God help him.

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