CR North PDP Caucus Meets On Guber Candidate

pdpOn the ground from Cross River’s Northern Senatorial District, can authoritatively reveal that the caucus of the Peoples Democratic Party in the area will meet today in Ogoja to harmonise individual positions and get behind a candidate from the area who it is hoped will fly the party’s flag in next year’s gubernatorial elections.

Insider sources say the meet has become neccessary “so the district does not shoot herself in the foot” as the run-in to next year’s elections hit home stretch. Perhaps too, most of those whose body language suggest an interest in the plum job will use the opportunity to mount a make or break lobby among caucus members. “It is normal for us to gather and harmonise positions, it is a simple process that should railroad us to our destination. I can promise you that our affairs will be sincerely and maturedly conducted as our party normally does and let me say that whatever outcome drops at the end of the day will help us push Cross River State forward”, one source told

However, outsiders doubt the authenticity of the caucus’ action and bemoan the fate of our democracy “which encourages a few men and women with internecine ambitions, calling themselves a caucus and arrogating to themselves the ambitious and vain right to choose a governor for all of Cross River”, as a source put it. It is a position that another source differs on. Hear him, “the caucus is not going to say Cross Riverians, you must vote X or Y. What we are doing is to filter the candidates and present to this state a candidate that will match our collective ambitions as a people. Of course you must understand that this exercise is not out of place because even in our respective families, it is never the norm to gloss over critical decisions. Let us understand too that our meeting may not on the spot produce the man or woman we will present to Cross Riverians, our activity is a work in progress”.

Whatever the outcome, it is expected that the caucus in the end will put forth a candidate capable of delivering victory to a party that has firmly been in office since the present political dispensation commenced in 1999.

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