CR Labour Party Says PDP Is Buying PVCs

Austin Ibok, CR Labour Party Chair
Austin Ibok, CR Labour Party Chair
The Labour Party in Cross River State is insisting that unless the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, security agencies and well-meaning Nigerians do something, it can vouch that the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in CRS, is perfecting plans to massively rig the LP out in next month’s elections.

Austin Ibok, state chairman of the LP told early today that he has information that the PDP is buying personal voters’ cards, PVCs, from places identified as the LP’s stronghold. Specifically, Ibok says the PVCs are being acquired and cloned, preparatory to their deployment during the polls by agents of the party who will use the cloned PVCs to vote against the LP. He also said that the PDP is secretly making uniforms for fake security agents and corps members with instructions that those to be handed the uniforms, disguise as security agents and corps members to hand the PDP victory “they do not deserve”.

“The security men are supposed to intimidate our supporters during the polls and sincerely, the plan is being perfected. I can tell you too that most of our supporters who went to collect their PVCs discovered that they have been collected and we are at a loss as most of our supporters have told us that they have not collected their PVCs even though records are showing that they have collected them; it is indeed an anomaly”, he submitted.

Ibok again is uncomfortable with the INEC regulation which is insisting that “party agents must sit away from the Polling Officers and that agents of the party are not part of the accreditation before the election. In that case, how do we authenticate those who have come for accreditation, or how are we suppose to know that those who have come forth for accreditation are not using the cloned PVCs?. We have to point out these anomalies as they have the capacity to disenfranchise a lot of our supporters who are poised to vote the credible candidates we have put forth. I can tell you that the issue of PVCs is predominant in Yala, Akpabuyo, and Calabar South. Our PVCs have been collected by a high-ranking government official fronting for the PDP; a party that cannot pay staff salaries suddenly has money to pay for PVCs. The electorate should be left to decide their fate in a free and fair election, we as a party are ready for a free and fair election, the PDP should do the same”.

But sources within the PDP are insisting Ibok’s submission boils down to nothing but figments of his own imagination. “The elections will be free and fair, we are in the field working, let his party go and work in the field and not on the internet”, the source said.

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