CR House Of Assembly Village Under Siege

The Cross River State House of Assembly village in Ekorinim, Calabar, is under siege and most lawmakers living there are becoming uncomfortable, can reveal.

The siege is not unconnected with the more than frequent visits being made by scores of men and women eager, even desperate, for Executive appointments in the local government system.
“Immediately day breaks, you will hear all sorts of knocks on the door, when you open the door, all you see are people who want by any means neccessary, to be made Supervisors or aides to politicians at the local government level”, one legislator confided in

As early as 6 am, scores of persons can be seen going in and out of the village or loitering within the place, hoping to have audience with one legislator or the other.

Another legislator revealed too that, “initially the number of people coming to the Assembly village in Ekorinim, was large until Gov. Imoke insisted that all those to be appointed must have and tender valid educational papers, it sort of eliminated a lot of these unsolicited visitors but still left some who have made our homes their second homes”.

Perhaps Executive appointments at the local government level have suddenly become attractive because of the monetary benefits attached and “those eager to get appointed are looking at what they can get for themselves and are clearly showing by their desperation that they have nothing to offer”, one other source said.

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