CR: Defections From PDP To APC Imminent

Copy of NEW LOGO OF CRSThere are indications that several top members of the PDP in Cross River State are toying with what is expected to be a major political movement from the PDP to the APC. The movement is not unconnected to the fact that the PDP has become the minority party at the centre.

Sources specifically told that the bulk of those working on switching to the APC are “principally those who acrimoniously lost in the PDP’s primaries and were made promises of appointments at the federal level. Now the promise of those appointments has gone up in smoke because Buhari is our next President and the APC will take care of her own and not those in the PDP”. Already, one source has sworn that an A-list senator from the state, who presently has intractable political differences with Gov. Liyel Imoke, may lead the movement to the APC. The same senator was inches away from committing a political blunder hours before the presidential elections, when he circulated a statement among media houses and online news platforms in the state, apparently asking Cross Riverians
to ignore Buhari. When it became clear that Jonathan lost the election, he immediately withdrew the statement and has widely put out another statement, congratulating and drumming up support for Buhari.

Political watchers insist that even though the PDP may have won the National Assembly elections in CRS, the nature of the victories and the party’s exit from Aso Rock, may combine to deal her a deadly blow in subsequent elections. Already, an uneasy calm has engulfed the party’s leadership as she prepares to govern CR as an opposition state, something a lot of Cross Riverians are uncomfortable with.

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  1. what are the essentials prority we ever get from the FG when we are of the same political party. what provision or s we have received or seen in the state right from Donald Duke era to Senator Imoke.Is it the Bakassi nosense deals by OBJ and co that the state had seen FG attention?ALL the FG roads remained in a state of comma eg from Itu bridge to Calabar = zero; Calabar to Ikang or Atimbo – Akpabuyo = zero; Calabar to Ugep, Ikom, Obudu, Ogoja via Vadekyia BNS = Zero. This a period of about 16years. I am in the opinion that whoever that may be on GHC and wishes to do without the FG he will still show empathy to the state.

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