CR-Born Sly Williams Ups The Game With Brand New 2019 Calabar Carnival Song!

His sound is unique and firmly staggers out a massive musical cross breed with elements primarily drawn from afrobeat, hip-hop and the pulsating rhythm of African drums. Growing up, Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie, with their mellifluous songs, made the first real musical influences possible before he veered off to create his A-grade musical works.

Sylvanus Odey Williams or Sly Williams, as the musical act is known, decided at age six that he was going to be a star at making music. He teed off with a back up singer’s role for a boyhood group called “Relax” before landing in Lagos and working in a recording studio or there, to take in the art of stringing sound together.

In 2012, Sly Williams struck a deal and was signed unto Nigerian record label, DLB Entertainment, following that up with the release of his debut single, “Caro”. Tireless at work, he dropped a massive single, “Oluwa Dey” in 2013.

The reviews for this single were rave and convinced him that he was within musical touching distance. After scoring several more hit singles, including “Sexy Lady, Ese and Frigidi” he soon became Cross River’s latest musical export to the world.

Sly Williams

Now, he’s dropped a new song, draped in the very popular Calabar Carnival brand, a kind of turning home effort to extol the unique offering that is this carnival. Nobody is wondering that Sly’s latest offering is going to be the signature tune of the 2019 Calabar Carnival and beyond; it is the right way to go for the Mbube, Ogoja LGA, Cross Riverian.


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