CR A-G Dragged Before Court Of Public Opinion


On several online platforms in the last couple of days, one Edo Owan, has been expressing his displeasure at the action of the Cross River State Accountant-General, and pleading with well meaning Cross Riverians “to help beg…Mr Henry Ojogu to save” his (Edo’s) building from collapse.

In the widely circulated S.O.S message, Edo wrote that, “he (Ojogu) constructed a drainage from his house along Convent road, Ikom, channeled it directly to my house where all the water empties. To make him complete the channelization has fallen on deaf ears”. Perhaps to drive home his point, Owan continued that, “ the last rains that fell broke one of my soak away pits due to the volume and force of the water from the drains”. Owan’s anger can see is borne out of the situation he describes thus; “…as I speak now, he doesn’t even pick my calls anymore…”

While Owan does not appear to be ready to take the laws into his hands, he makes the plea that the A-G “…should please use his good conscience and complete the drains properly in God’s name before the rains start fully”

Reactions have accordingly followed this post, as expected, for and against Owan’s allegation. A lawyer, Okimasi Ojong, wrote that Owan should “put up a petition for malicious damage” and “write to his (Ojogu’s) employers for abusive use of his office to intimidate”. It is the same line towed by one Elizabeth Oru. “Please report him to the appropriate quarters, don’t take laws into your hands, he will be called to order”, Oru wrote. Max Ogar’s take on the issue was cynical; “he is your party (PDP) man, you should sort it out as a family affair”.

Clearly, Owan’s allegation may have attracted the attention of the Cross River Coalition for Change, a non-governmental organization. One Onabe Edward, after seemingly contacting Ojogu on behalf of the Coalition, wrote that, “I have contacted the A-G and he cried…that he would rather die than live and deliberately cause pains to a fellow human being”. He continues; “he complained that the delay (in completing) the drainage is as a result of insufficient funds”. Holes were punched in Owan’s broken soak away claims, in these words, “He (Ojogu) went further to say that the soak away was not broken as our brother Edo Owan claimed”. This latter revelation was not ascertained by at press time.

Unfortunately too, several phone calls from to the A-G’s mobile phone number, 080630356**, yielded no responses.

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