CR 2015: The Five, The Game And Others

pdpWhile part of the PDP’s internal election process may have thrown up Mike Aniah, Ben Ayade, Legor Idagbo, Larry Odey and Fidelis Ugbo as the ‘lucky’ five to go head to head for the party’s gubernatorial ticket in Cross River State, sources within the party have informed that the five men, “have just began a process whose path will be lined with intrigues that will astound the average Cross Riverian”. Specifically, it is certain that of the five given the nod by the party’s caucuses, in a matter of days not too far from now, “another two will see their gubernatorial ambitions bite the dust, but that is not the end of the matter”, the source informed.

By and large it is being speculated that the five received the nod of the caucuses based on their respective ‘financial performances’ before the caucuses. Not one of them who appeared left without leaving behind a huge sum of money, to be shared among caucus members. Those who did not make the list may be having a hard time coming to terms with the recommendations of the respective caucuses, but “the truth must be told, those who did not make the list did not spend more than these ones on the list”, as another source said.

Meanwhile, word making the rounds in political and social circles is that in this arrangement, two aspirants, Ugbo and Idagbo may end up as the last men standing. To stretch the gist further, unconfirmed sources say the present administration in the state may be having a hard time picking up one from the duo and throwing support behind him. They say while Ugbo’s spin doctors insist the man has experience, Idagbo’s say he has age and promise on his side. Most conservatives are behind Ugbo while a young, some add, vibrant crowd is at the centre of Idagbo’s followership. The divided and strong followership of this two may be making choices tough for the hands behind the masks.

Bluntly, Ayade may talk smooth, mesmerize the crowd with his professorial background and money but “that his talk of him having a technology that can turn sand into oil or gas for CR does not sound like what we want to hear now”, as a source put it, may have awed people into doubting his sincere political purpose. “If he changes strategy and creates for himself a friendlier and more realistic personality, he could become politically appealing”, one watcher insists.

Now that Goddy Agba’s political engines may be cranking to life, particular interest seems will be drawn to “… a few of our party men who are interested in running for governor, have bought forms, may still buy but these persons did not bother to submit themselves to the caucus exercise for personal reasons, but I am getting feelers that they will take part in the primaries”, ,again the word drops. Agba and Francis Agantem Eworo, fall into this category. Eworo, a Catholic priest looks set to defy the odds and breast the tape appropriately. His carriage and enigmatic disposition looks certain to take him far.

Don’t take it away from Mike Aniah and Larry Odey; they didn’t make the list for inauspicious reasons and can’t be accused of having reached here by just sitting and smiling. Odey who is presently Speaker of the Cross River State House of Assembly seems to be having his political magic moments believed to be a reward for his loyalty to the institution, just like Aniah, the immediate past Secretary to the Cross River State Government.

In all, the constitution of the caucuses, especially how who became a caucus member seems to erode some credibility, somewhere. One political observer wrote in to say, “as long as the stakeholders were not elected by the people , it is a fraud for them to choose who governs the people … enough of this blind loyalty”. This submission may be the swan song in the field as the build-up to the election continues.

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