CR 2015: Politicians Attempt Smear Campaign On Yakurr Monarch

It is emerging that in the buildup to the 2015 polls, nothing will be considered too desperate to do in a bid for our politicians to get into public office,, can reveal. While you read this, impeccable sources say there is a grand plan being put together by a few well placed politicians to drag the name and reputation of the Obol Lopon of Ugep and Paramount Ruler of Yakurr LGA, Obol Ubi Ujong Ina, into a complex web of accusations and counter accusations to discredit the office of the highly reverred monarch.

Top on the agenda is the rumour being peddled by some politicians that the monarch is throwing his support behind some politicians in the state for financial reasons. Sources who want to remain anonymous say “the rumour is deliberate considering that the people peddling it are desperately seeking reelection, but they seem not to understand that over the years, Obol Ubi Ujong Ina has proven to be an exceptional monarch who has upheld the highest moral standards in dealing with all manner of men”. Two politicians in the state, Senate Leader, Victor Ndoma-Egba and Goddy Jedy Agba are “being superimposed even photo shopped into the story so that the wise counsel of this exceptional monarch can be discarded”, one source said. Those close to Ndoma-Egba and Agba have told that “the whole story is a sham, constructed in the imagination of these lazy politicians. Because it is becoming obvious that it is not going to be business as usual, they have resorted to under hand tactics, it will not work”.

Information also gathered is pointing to the fact that a barrage of faceless articles, online and in print, are scheduled to be released for publication in the coming days. When contacted sources in the monarch’s palace, it was clear too that the palace has gotten wind of this ill-timed information. One source there even added that certain Yakurr sons and daughters may be targeted in the articles “to discredit them and seemingly attempt to pave the way for the authors to get back into office”.

Ubi Ujong Ina, an octogenarian, is an iconic traditional symbol, respected within CRS and beyond, in planning a series of vitriolic attacks on him, our politicians seem to be headed for the brick wall.

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