CR 2015: PDP Source Carpets Legor Idagbo

A top PDP source in Cross River state in the wee hours of Friday, called to inform that “those who are assuring the state Commissioner for Works, Legor Idagbo that he will become governor of this state are about to give him the kind of laughable assurance his kinsmen, Kanu Agabi and Walter Eneji got when they were fooled into believing that they will become governor of CRS at one time or the other”. The source is wondering “how Idagbo thinks his credentials which cannot match Agabi or Eneji’s can be sold to the electorate”.

When pointed to the fact that the analogy put forward has an ethnic connotation and does not neccessarily follow, the source was quick to point out that, “Legor’s pedigree is his greatest drawback. So because he was Chairman of Bekwarra LGA, you people think that his stinct in Bekwarra has equipped him for the office of governor? This state is bigger than a boy who has benefitted from loopsided political patronage and it is delirious to imagine that this state will be led by someone with no credible leadership experience”.

Again, cited the case of former Governor Donald Duke and how he was addressed as an outsider with no experience when he ran for governor. Hear the response; “…laughable. How can you people mention Donald’s name side by side with Legor’s. Donald’s exposure is way beyond and above what Legor parades and one of the things he doesn’t have is the articulate disposition of the likes of Donald”. The source went on to say that, “elections are not won on online platforms, yes what you people do can influence public opinion but how many of our party’s delegates read all the things you people post online? Legor can use you people but we are very convinced that one of the titles he will not add to his name is Governor of CRS”.

Confronted with the fact that the attack on Idagbo bore subversive marks and does cannot pass for a fair and thorough evaluation of the situation at hand, the source insisted that, “call it whatever you want to call it and even give it the kind of colouration that suits your purpose but get this assurance, the person who will become governor of CRS will, God willing, be someone who understands the dynamics of our economy and dire financial position, a person with the right kind of training and experience otherwise workers in this state will work for months and not earn a salary. That kind of leadership cannot be provided by Legor Idagbor”. He concluded by saying that, “I do not begrudge him and his ambition but I for sure know that this state deserves not a half yard, but a full one”.

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  1. This guy has never practised law or work to gain experience apart from holding political appointments! So, what exposure or experience has he aside from political appointment? Has he ever managed a private business? Is he a good manager of human and material resources? Is he politically and socially exposed? It is not enough to be a Chairman of a Local Government and then a Commissioner! We all know how some of them became Chairmen through skewed or fraudulent electoral contests managed by a thoroughly compromised Cross River State Independent Electoral Commission! We all know that one of the requirements to become Chairman is to be a laptop of a baron in the PDP. It has nothing to do with integrity, industry, hard work and intelligence. Comparing this guy with Donald Duke is like comparing Coco Cola with Fanta. Let the truth, Donald Duke is a savvy, articulate, confident and brilliant fellow. Donald Duke can compete with the likes of Clinton, Obama in terms of articulation, brilliance , composure and confidence. What does it take to be a Commissioner? Nothing! So this guy is not it!

    1. @ Okoi Obla, please channel your efforts towards selling your candidate and stop running Legor down when your don’t have your facts right. Legor ran a very successful Legal pactice in Abuja, before venturing into Partisan politics. He schooled in Charles Walker International Nursery School Calabar, FGC, Ikot Ekpene, University of Calabar before proceeding to the Abuja Law School. He was also trained at Havard Business School in the United States. He was Secretary Bekwarra Local Govt Council, two time elected Local Govt Chairman, where he excelled and was call upon by Senator Liyel Imoke to head the Ministry of Works as Commissioner. Here again he has performed very creditably. In every Capacity he has served he has stood out, no wonder you all see him as a threat and are trying to run him down. Legor is Brilliant, Articulate, Hardworking, Humble, God fearing, and has the Desire to Serve.

  2. @piata, you’ve worsen it all, the qualifications u just mentioned is it for the office councilorship? and u forgot to tell us the law firm he practiced.

    1. @ Peter, please the Nigerian Constitution is very explicit on the requirements for the Office of Executive Governor of a State, it is School Certificate or its equivalent. That not withstanding, Legor has over Twenty Years Experience at the Nigerian Bar. He started his Legal Practice at Allan and Ogunkeye, a Patent Law Firm in Lagos, after which he moved to the Federal Ministry of Justice Abuja, as a Legal Aide, as a pacesetter, he invited his Colleagues in Lagos to Abuja, where he set up Legor, Odeahan and Co, a Property Law Firm with Its office at 75 Yaounde Street Wuse Zone 6 Abuja. All these Legor did before going into Partisan Politics, in which he has put in over Ten years, as Member, Local Govt Education Authority Board, Executive Secretary, Bekwarra Local Govt Council, Elected Chairman, Bekwarra Local Govt twice,and also elected by his colleagues as Chairman of Local Govt Chairmen CRS. Governor Imoke having seen the achiements of Legor as Chairman decided to bring Legor on Board the CRS Exco to add Value to Governance. Hence his appointment as Hon Commissioner of Work4 Cross River State, where he has been excellent. Please Let’s be objective in our criticism.

  3. @Okoi Obono-Obla and Iwara Iwara,your remarks about Legor appears to be intelligently expressed and absolutely shrouded in deep rooted envy and malice.You made mention of Legor not practicing law which according to your warped logic is a set back for his gubernatorial ambition. Liyel Imoke is a trained Lawyer from the University of Buckingham,but has never practiced law before becoming Governor of Cross River State.Donald Duke whom you drew comparison with never practiced Law before becoming Governor. You talked about knowledge of economics which according to you Legor lacks. I would want to know the corollary to this assumption. You don’t need a knowledge in economics to be a successful statesman. Most successful economies in advanced nations of the world are as a result of leadership initiatives and state policies taking into consideration macroeconomics variables. You talked about Legor’s lack of intelligence and inarticulation. I suggest you carry out relevant findings or enquiries before you come to conclusions to save yourself from public ridicule and so as not to also unwittingly expose your ignorance and lack of intelligence going by your illogic. Legor has more social exposure than all the aspirants who have offered themselves to succeed Senator Imoke. For sake of space I would restrain myself from stating reasons.I advice again that you carry out findings on this issue should it interest you to do so. Once again to be sure you are not lost on the subject matter as you appear not to have a proper knowledge about Legor, LEGOR,is the only Chairman that has been made Commissioner midway into his second term as Chairman Bekwarra. And to date he is the longest serving Commissioner for works in Cross River State.These are all rare feats earned from hard work,diligence and merit. THANK YOU!

  4. @Okoi Obono-Obla from all your posts I will take that you simply don’t know Legor Idagbo and want to smear his name and bring him down.We the supporters of Legor Idagbo are used to your type,who bring bias,envy,jealousy and the likes to serious issues. Legor Idagbo is 1st a law graduate of Unical,Legor practised Law in Abuja and worked in a law firm b4 he moved back to Cross River to become Secretary of Bekwarra Council in 2004,In 2007 he became Executive Chairman of Bekwarra Council,he was re-elected in 2012. He was unanimously elected by his Chairman Colleagues to lead them as their Chairman of Chairmen. He was voted the Best Performing Chairman by the CRS House of Assembly after the House Committee on Projects Monitoring and Evaluation concluded its findings in d 18 LGA’s. In March 2012,based on his sterling performance,Gov. Imoke pulled him out to be his Commissioner for Works,a position he has excelled in so far.Legor is also a graduate of Harvard Business School. The writer of dis piece can’t even name his source and dis shows how low people can go to discredit pple. This write-up is filled wit lies and bad belly and shld not be taken seriously.@Okoi pls I beg you to stick to your Candidate and leave Legor alone.

  5. I completely agree with those who argue that any citizen has the inalienable right to express his or her opinion without any inhibition. If vena ikem’s comment was merely an expression of an opinion on the issue, then I think it is his constitutional right as embedded in the grund norm. It is infact his fundamental right. Such rights are guaranteed by the constitution. In my humble but firm view, the invocation of the principles on locus standi is therefore superfluous in the circumstance. You don’t need to be an indigene of the central senatorial district, to be clothed with the requisite locus standi to comment on the suitability or otherwise of any candidate to vie for political office. I don’t think we need to over flog this issue of locus standi. For instance,it will be absolutely absurd to suggest that as an akwa ibom state indigene, I cannot express my opinion on whom I think should be suitable to occupy the office of the governor of cross river state or vice versa. On the arguments that a legislator is not elected to build roads and hospitals, I will state prestissimi that ,in as much as it is the primary responsibility of a legislator to embark on its law making functions, such a legislator can as well facilitate the building of roads and hospitals using his privileges of office. Again, the prudent and scrupulous legislators can channel their constituency funds towards the building of such infrastructure, even though I admit that it is not their primary responsibility. God bless all of us as we can only pray for good leaders and not rulers.

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