Council Chairmen Race To Avert Renewed Nko/Onyeadama Crisis

Frantic efforts were on, late into Sunday night by local council authorities in Yakurr and Obubra council areas to contain what threatens to be a resurgence in hostilities between the Nko Community in Yakurr LGA and their Onyeadama counterparts in Obubra LGA. Both communities, in Central Cross River have in the not too distant future been in the news for all the wrong reasons and what is at the centre of the latest saga is no different, can reveal.
Trouble is said to have started when a man of Nko extraction is alleged to have been found missing after he did not return from farm, this past Thursday, February 20, 2013. Sources say attempts to locate the man by a search party from Nko, threw up nothing. The disappearance of the man is said to have fuelled speculations that the Onyeadama community may be behind the abduction and disappearance of the man in what another source described as “the guerilla kidnap tactics wantonly employed by both communities in the execution of a ‘war’ fought mostly in the bushes, far away from prying security personnel”.

When contacted the Chairman, Yakurr LGA, Ikpi Ikpi Akpama on the phone, he informed that “we are working round the clock to ensure that the situation does not escalate. As I speak with you, I am rushing to a meeting I pray will arrest this ugly situation and let peace reign among both communities”. Sources around the Obubra LGA Chairman, Kyrian Ibi Mfam, also informed that the LG boss is “deeply concerned about this ugly situation too and is working round the clock to ensure that nothing breaks the peace”.

The Nko and Onyeadama communities have both endured a bloody relationship with each other and even the Cross River State Government’s de-certification of her two traditional rulers has not solved this problem.

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