Congratulations From Friends Of Jarigbe Agom Jarigbe

Dear Jarigbe Agom Jarigbe,
C’River North Senatorial District.

Senator Jarigbe

With joy in our hearts, we congratulate you on your legal triumph and unshakable pronouncement as SENATOR, Cross River North Senatorial District.

Your surreal victory, at the polls and in court, surmounted all the serial obstacles put in place by people and circumstances, not of God. It clearly demonstrates to us that your place in history was long ordained and we only had to wait on time and chance. Importantly, our man JARI, your doggedness and tenacity of purpose, on this path, is something we have all taken home.

Yes, the tussle for the Senate Seat has come to an end and we indeed agree with you. We also agree like you continue to say that the people who supported you, supported you across Party lines and you owe them allegiance; we are convinced like you have consistently done in the past, YOU WILL NOT FAIL them.

Our friend and brother, you are a rare gem who represents positive movement, the enthronement of the PEOPLES WILL and the grace of God over the machinations of gods. God who has brought you this far will complete the work he has begun.

Congratulations Jari!

Joe Obi Bisong
Nnana Arikpo
Edodi Ejekor
Peter Akpanke
Dave Amgbah
Sunny Martins Ogar
Iwara U. Iwara
Christian Ugbe
Anthony Effiong
Nsor Nyambi
Dodeye Arikpo
Ronald Obi-Akatchak
Lawrence Obi Bisong

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