Chinese Man Butchers Nigerian Worker In Akamkpa

Nsikak after being discharged from the hospital
Nsikak after being discharged from the hospital
A vicious matchet attack launched on a Nigerian, 23-year old Nsikak Amos Tommy, by a notorious Chinese man, simply identified as Njaga Chang at the Xin Xin Quarry in Akamkpa Local Government Area, South of Cross River State, left the Nigerian with four fingers in his right hand after one of his fingers was completely cut off by the Chinese, can authoritatively reveal.

At 4.30 pm, Saturday, January 9, 2016, when the incident took place, sources say the Chinese man, angered by the Nigerian’s slow response when told to turn on a generator at the quarry, flew into a rage, mouthed unprintable things and attacked Nsikak Tommy with a water hose. As the Nigerian took flight from the assault, Chang gave chase with a matchet, first deflating the tyres of the Nigerian’s motorcycle to prevent him from fleeing and aimed one cut to Tommy’s head.

Nsikak writhing in pains after the attack
Nsikak writhing in pains after the attack
Instinctively, the Nigerian raised his hand to block a cut aimed at his head and the matchet came down, neatly cutting off the finger and leaving him in a massive pool of blood as he cried for help.

After the incident, owners of the Xin Xin Quarry, who also own two other quarries in Akamkpa, Expanded and Fughou Quarries, rather than attend to the injured man, ferried the Chinese man to Calabar and had him hidden while workers at the quarry managed to take the wounded man for treatment at the Bakor Medical Centre, Calabar.

While the Police in Akamkpa seem to have turned the other way as all of this played out, we were reliably informed that their claim that the attacker was arrested and granted bail thereafter is a lie. Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO, Cross River State, John Aluu who was contacted by, told us over the phone that he was yet to be briefed by the Police in Akamkpa and would get back to us “immediately I am briefed”. He was yet to, as we went to press.

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  1. The Nigeria police should not play their normal settled me tricks. This is very serious matter, what an inhuman treatment to a fellow man.if nothing is done a shall brief a lawyer.I heard the Chinese man is in hotel in Calabar cooling off.The quarry company PRO had gone to see the Dpo for settlement.

  2. this is insanity, if d police force doesn’t do something about it, we should get this guy a good lawyer, and let him take it before a competent law court. don’t accept any compensation what so ever. rubbish.

  3. It is unfortunate and indeed sad that expatriates continue to brutalise and dehumanise their Nigerian workers even with impunity. Such naked show of force and brazen brutality is totally unacceptable. It is even regrettable that this expatriates are sometimes aided by Nigerians to brutalise their fellow Nigerians. I am aware of a similar act of brutality on a Nigerian worker by his Chinese manager at UNICEM sometime in 2014. The matter was later settled amicably out-of-court.

    I encourage Nsikak to timeously seek sound legal counsel and enforce his fundamental rights in a court of law. It is about time we hold these Chinese expatriates to respect Nigerians and be lawful at all times.

  4. Instead of justice, they will use our own brothers (Police and other top officers) to sack him. More than this we suffer from them e.g. no good medical treatment, milk/omo not given as instructed by the Ministry of Health, no safety kits, no annual leave allowance(s), no tax certificate/refund of over tax year to year, no payment of severance benefits, non remittance of NSITF deductions to our various Pension account just to mention but a few. Yet whenever Ministry of Health or other ministries comes for inspection, there are told everything is in-other without hearing from the junior staffs (labourers) as far as envelop is given to them.

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