Car Thieves Target UCTH Car Park

UCTHWorrying cases of car theft at the car park of the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital, UCTH are becoming a serious issue of concern for staff of the hospital and the general public, can reveal. The thieves, capitalizing on the large number of cars parked for extended periods of time at different parking locations in the hospital are having an unhindered field day either stealing cars outright or vandalizing them.

Just days ago, sources say a Honda CRV parked at exactly 9.30pm was discovered to have been stolen at 10.00pm, thirty minutes after, by the owner of the vehicle. Sources also say that “a Toyota Camry parked within the hospital, has a hundred percent chance of being stolen as it is the car of choice for these thieves”. One staff of the hospital who was working the night shift informed that he discovered when he got to his car that his pedal lock was what stood between the thieves and the theft of his Camry.

Authorities of the hospital may be doing too much too little with her inability to light up the hospital at night when most cases have been detected. However, a source not authorized to speak, told on conditions of anonymity that “cars are parked at owner’s risk and there is no way we can know the individual owners of the close to 600 cars that park in this hospital on a daily basis. It will not be long, but I can assure you that, working with the different levels of security in this hospital, we shall soon get to the root of this matter”.

As an additional security measure, advises that motorists parking within the premises of the hospital should install a manual or mechanical device that locks the steering wheel, column or brakes; it may buy you some time or ultimately prevent the theft of your car.

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