Calabar Residents Decry Bad State Of Roads

By Rekpene David

A bad portion of the road in Ediba, Calabar.

Some residents of Calabar Municipality, Cross River State, have expressed concern over the deplorable state of roads in the metropolis, urging the government to declare a state of emergency on some of the roads.

Etim Ekpo a resident of Old Marian in the municipality, have complained about the increasing potholes that have become gullies on major roads and streets in Calabar. If the problem is not tackled, Ekpo believes this will lead to loss of lives. “During emergency conditions like accidents, the injured person can be rushed to a hospital through a good system of roads and have their lives saved, else, the life will be lost”, he maintained.

Another resident, James Aniefiok of Orok Street, Ediba, Calabar, reported that some community youths take advantage of the menace to make money. “They do this by filling the gullies with sand and begin taxing motorist before they are allowed to pass with their vehicle”.

Williamson Abeng, a commercial cab operator, complained that the situation is really affecting his financial status. “I spend money fueling my car because of the traffic situation I encounter as a result of these potholes, I also have to work on my car’s shock absorbers and ball-joint because of the various potholes I encounter on a daily basis.”

While a degree of repair work on roads in Calabar appear to have commenced, the speed at which the work is done is a drawback.


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