Calabar Paedophile ‘Pastor’ Lashed By Internet Community


Daniel Udoh, the suspected paedophile founder of “Jesus Is A Barrister Church” in Akapabuyo, Cross River State, has been repeatedly lashed by a visibly angry internet community, after radio personality and publisher,, Iwara Iwara, posted a picture of Udoh and his suspected crime, just hours after the suspect was paraded by the police in Calabar.

Iwara, had written that the suspect “…was arrested and paraded yesterday by the Police in Calabar for defiling his 7-year-old daughter. He admitted to committing the crime adding that he was tempted. His daughter is receiving treatment in an undisclosed medical facility for the bruises she got from the act. God is a patient God indeed.”

Below are selected comments from the post.

Benjamin Nwaoko;
” What people don’t understand is that is not everyone who called himself man of God is man of God. Some are man of devils”

Vivian Chidinma:
“What an abominable act. Shameless idiot.”

Bunmi Ajisegiri:
“Let them hang his dick on a barb wire now, until we start dealing ruthlessly to pedophiles, they won’t stop. Soon police will say they are investigating nonsense until d accuse runs away from detention or prison yard. Rubbish.”

Maureen Bajere:
“Am so sorry for the little girl but in the other hand am happy he abused his own child glory be to God.”

Alfred Ewara:
“This man looks insane. I wonder the type of congregation he pastors. All these evil men in the name of pastors.”

Akpofure Idigbakpor:
“He is a naughty criminal who uses Religion and the Gospel of Christ as a Trojan Horse for perpetuating criminal activities.”

Rose Chinyere Okoro:
“This is a RITUALIST n NOT a Pastorooooo God punish Satan for dragging my God name to mud!” (sic)

Beryl Akpaikot:
“Who said he is a pastor. He is only using the title PASTOR as a camouflage. He is fake.”

Imeh Ukanga:
“Many of these act are happening in the dark in various ways only the exposed one is laughed? at.”

Alice Peters
“The name of his church can even misled you. wicked pastor”

Akparawa Lawrence:
“Jesus the Almighty Barrister will certainly judge him….”

Patience John:
“Please people should not call him a Pastor. It’s appalling.”

At press time, close to 500 comments, 256 shares and counting, have so far been recorded on the post. The police say he will be prosecuted soon.

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  1. This man is Ibibio and from Akwa Ibom, this is the problem Calabar Cross River State is having now. Ibibio people are committing a lot of havoc in Calabar and giving it a bad name.

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