“Calabar Killings Linked To Drugs War” – Police

Police sources in Calabar, the Cross River State capital, have informed www.calitown.com that the wanton killings in parts of the city in the last couple of days are drugs-related and that the police is working round the clock to ensure that those behind these killings are brought to book and confidence in the ability of security agencies to get on top of the matter, restored.

On the line to www.calitown.com early Saturday morning, a police source who choose to remain anonymous said that, “these people want to control the illicit drug market in Calabar. You can imagine that, one of those killed apparently got drugs from these faceless persons, sold them and did not part with the money and those who gave him the drugs to sell, took his life. It is very unfortunate that young men like the ones killed seem to think that quick money is the best way to go. I will quickly add that short cuts always have these kind of consequences.

While security has been heightened in the state capital, most people spoken to seem to think that security agencies are ill-equipped to handle the kind of carnage that has been visited on the city in the last couple of days. Again, some residents who refuse to be identified insist that most of those behind the killings pay their way out of security nets when they are arrested by security agencies.

Others who spoke too, have linked the killings to a cult war that is defying security solutions. Government sources contacted, refused to comment on the issue because @of the delicate security implications of commenting”, as one source said. Residents of the city are for the time being living in fear as corpses continue to turn up.

Corpses from the killings. Photo credit: crossriverwatch.com
Corpses from the killings. Photo credit: crossriverwatch.com

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