Calabar Airport: Passengers Fume As Power Outtage Threaten Operations

Angry passengers on the flight at the airport waiting to manually pick luggage.

Passengers on the Air Peace flight from Abuja to Calabar early Sunday afternoon, December 2, 2018, were amazed and fumed at the power outtage at the Margaret Ekpo International Airport, which threatened operations when the flight touched down at 12:55 pm.

While could not ascertain at press time if the flight made use of approved aviation landing procedures during landing, the mood in the arrival lounge was charged as passengers on the flight loudly bemoaned the poor state of operations in the airport.

It was discovered soon after arrival that passengers will have to manually collect luggage from the flight as the conveyor belt was not working. Secretary to the Cross River State Government, Tina Banku Obi, a passenger on the flight, was heard lamenting loudly that, “this country is in a mess”, after it became clear to her and several other passengers that all luggage will be manually picked.

Click below to watch video of the situation.

Deputy Speaker of the Cross River State House of Assembly, who was also one of the passengers on the flight, expressed sadness at the situation and continuously shook his head in disbelieve at the situation.

Airport sources maintained to us that there was no money to service the airport’s generator.

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