Burial May Further Widen Gulf In CR PDP

pdpAs the build up to next year’s gubernatorial election continues, sources within the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Cross River State have pointed calitown.com to the fact that this weekend’s burial in Obudu, North of CRS, may be another opportunity for party members to prove their loyalty to state governor, Liyel Imoke, in a seeming web of political intrigues that have recently engulfed the party.

Venatius Ikem, former National Publicity Secretary of the PDP, considered the arrow head of a political machine oiled by Abuja based Goddy Agba, will draw to his native Begiaba, Obudu, a cross section of Nigerians as the Ikem family lay to rest their 77 year old Patriach, Pa Sylvanus Ikem. Ikem is said to have fallen out of favour with state governor, Liyel Imoke, for shifting his perceived political support base to Agba.

One source told calitown.com that, “we will be looking to see how most of our party men relate with the other half of our party. You know Ikem has friends who are no more in the family and those who are hell bent on working outside party territory, they will be there in full force. I am sure the burial will be another show of political strength”.

This statement seems to set the tone for what may happen after the burial. Calitown.com was told too that attendees will be closely watched as their body language will go a long way in helping the governor’s camp know who is for her and who is against her considering too that not too long ago, a few party men were weeded out of the party’s caucuses for reasons bothering on allegiance to the governor.

However in a swift reaction to what sources have revealed, well placed sources within the party have dismissed the revelation, insisting that, “the governor is too serious attending to state matters. I mean, why should he ask people to go and spy on Ikem and his friends? The man has a right to associate with whoever he wants to associate with and we should also not forget that the occasion in question is his father’s burial and who says the governor himself may not attend?”. The source went on to say that, “those who are heating up the system are seeking relevance and political patronage, something I am sure we can do without”.

But then, another source contacted had this to say, “forget all the denials from those close to the governor, what the man has been doing is to quietly intimidate us, but he is about to learn that people have a right to be what they want to be. Let his acolytes come to the burial with registers and take down names, what will be will be. The earlier they know this, the better from them. Tell them-o, power comes from God and not from any individual”.

At the time of going to press, calitown.com was unable to ascertain if His Excellency will be attending the burial.

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  1. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the coming weeks. Keep up the good work Calitown.com. Thumbs up

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