Buhari Did Not Collapse In Calabar, APC Insists

Buhari, acknowledging cheers from the crowd in Calabar
Buhari, acknowledging cheers from the crowd in Calabar
While the All Progressives Congress Presidential rally in Calabar can best be described as a rally that shut down most parts of Calabar South late into Wednesday evening, party sources have just informed www.calitown.com that contrary to word making the rounds in Calabar, the Cross River State capital, “at no time before, during and after the rally did Muhammadu Buhari collapse”.

“We did not expect that those hired spin doctors will not try to justify the money they collect; but for them to cook up stuff that didn’t take place simply shows that they lack the presence of mind to continue to lead us”, the source said.

When asked to relate what actually happened, the source said this, “when it was time for Buhari to address the mammoth crowd, as he was walking to the microphone, one of his legs struck a bulge on the carpet put on the podium and the man just staggered like anyone in this situation will, gained back his composure and walked to the microphone…he did not collapse”.

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