Bhahumuno Youths Turn Back On Communal Conflict, Push For Peace

A cross section of the youths exchanging pleasantries.

Dozens of Bhahumuno youths in Abi Local Government, Cross River Central, yesterday showed what is perhaps the clearest indication that they have turned their backs on the intractable communal conflicts that have been the bane of the area, with a carnival-like coming together of youths from Usumutong, Ebom, Igonigoni and Bhazohure communities, to once again make the road from Ebom to Ekpone Effem accessible, after the conflict made it inaccessible.

Reports monitored from the area say, several of the youths who had not interacted with each other since the latest rounds of conflict started, more than four years ago, emotionally cried, hugged and exchanged pleasantries as they all went to work on the road.

“We are all brothers who speak the same language but we have all wickedly sat back and let our unreasonable positions push us into a vicious conflict that has only had dire consequences for us all. Bahumono men and women of goodwill the world over, are pushing for peace and God will make this possible”, a community member who does not want his name in print told us.

Meanwhile, we have been reliably informed that a peace delegation from Ediba, will in a forthnight join the fray as the road to a peaceful settlement to this conflict appears finally in sight.

Abi Local Council chairman, Faratoh Robinson, when contacted told that the resolution of this conflict and the return of lasting peace to the area is an objective his administration will vigorously pursue.

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