Beverly Heels Violated Laws, May Suffer

Impeccable sources within the Town Planning ministry in Calabar, Cross River state have informed that Calabar’s rave of the moment and upscale entertainment hub, Beverly Heels considerably ignored, town planning laws in the location and operation of the place, said to be the most expensive club and lounge in the state.
Specifically our sources say it was for this non-conformity with the town planning laws that shortly after the place opened for business, government insisted that Beverly Heels must close shop. “The location of the place works against traffic on Marian road because the people have no parking space for customers and all those who go there mostly have to park on both sides of the road”, one source said. He continued that, “they people needed to have ensured that just like a church, they have free 50 metres around the property to conform with town planning specifications in the state”.

When asked why government has not gone ahead to seal up the place in the face of glaring town planning violations, another source said, “the people have begged and begged, you can see that we ensured that they destroyed the initial staircase that they constructed and they attached instead the grill, which we still insist is not appropriate. I can assure you that government will continue to insist on the correct thing being done and that may even include asking them to relocate”.

Perhaps too, corrupt town planning officials may have looked the other way while the developers went ahead with the edifice, it is a fact has on good authority. However, patrons of the place are advised by our sources “to be careful because government will soon invoke any law it deems appropriate, to respond to any pressure the place puts on traffic and the entire area”, it is an advice that must be taken seriously.

Beverly Heels owned by popular Calabar girl, Nkoyo King and her husband, opened for business not too long ago and the three storey structure is touted to be the best night club and lounge in Calabar.


Do not leave valuables in your car, it sure will attract unwanted attention and persons to it.

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  1. You see the problem with an average cross riverian, if you knew that they were not supposed to build on the land , why then did u approved their building plan and after then they quietly watch them build such beautiful structure which gives an electric taste to the ever busy ndidem usang iso road—–we know what is going on behind closed doors in the ministry, not because the owners flouted government laws but because people cannot imagine such a magnificent building owned by an individual who is taking away customers interms of patronage—–u won’t understand but one day the truth will suffice, pls if they touch or seal it then u sue only if u actually went through the proper procedures to get your approval cos” he who goes to equity, must come with clean hands” calitown keep the good works

  2. Pls they should be given the benefit of doubt pls,building without parking space is now a norm in this town,so y shud theirs be different? Moreover,d state government should be grateful that there’s a business resort like that in dis boring town,that will without complain generate their high end tax even wen am sure they are not earning as much!

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