Bad Times For CRUTECH Staff

CrutechFrom all indications, these are not the best of times for staff of the Cross River University of Technology, CRUTECH, can reveal. The situation is not unconnected with the inability of the Cross River state government to pay staff of the institution.

Investigations show that Anthony Owan Enoh, the CRUTECH Vice-Chancellor, was informed by government officials, late last week, that government has made funds available to pay up the two months salary owed staff. Acting on that bit of information, Owan is said to have directed the school’s bursar to raise the institution’s part of the money to make up and pay. At the bank, it was unfortunately discovered that government’s N149 million cheque could not be drawn because the Cross River State Government had an inadequate balance in the account. Bank sources say the state government was subtly insisting that the bank raise the balance and credit her, but it appears the bank turned down the CRSG’s request because of government’s precarious financial situation, feigning a lack of funds instead, to ward off pressure government was mounting on the bank.

Staff in the institution have reacted angrily to the situation. One staff told that, “we don’t know what is going on in the state, if our government is deceiving us and making us suffer with our families then it is unfortunate. How can you tell us to go and get salaries when it is clear that there is no money in the account?”. Another staff said, “we were happy when we heard that the Vice-Chancellor has been directed to raise our own funds and add up to pay, only for us to hear the follow-up news that it has not worked. My colleagues and I had even made transport arrangements to travel for the burial of the V-C’s father, but we can’t go again because government has failed us”.

As CRUTECH staff enter the third month of a no salary situation, it is unclear if salaries will be paid soon so that staff can discharge their functions effectively.

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