B R E A K I N G: Ayade’s Special Adviser Resigns


Impeccable government sources have just informed www.calitown.com that Ray Ugba Murphy, Special Adviser, Strategy and National Contact to Cross River State governor, Ben Ayade, has resigned from the Ayade administration in circumstances that seem to bother on principle.

Ray Murphy, who has a commendable wealth of political experience and high level contacts at the national level, anonymous sources say, agreed to serve the Ayade administration after well-meaning citizens of the state, convinced him to pitch in and help drive policy direction and good governance in Cross River State.

However, one source maintains that he as well as other appointees may have become increasingly uncomfortable with the apparent inability or unwillingness of the governor to further and enhance public well being.

The source added, “I can tell you that Governor Ayade takes advise from no one. Added to the fact that the state’s resources are in dire straits and government should be more prudent with funds instead of appointing people for the mere sake of appointment”.

Again, another source who insisted he saw a copy of the resignation letter says Murphy stated strongly that after the Northern Senatorial District in Cross River State worked so hard to get a candidate from the district as governor, Ayade it seems has distanced himself from the goals and aspirations of the people of Cross River. “I am sure too that the current reckless attempts to arrest and harass individuals in the state whose views differ from government’s, has completely put Morphy off. These in a nutshell are the things that have put the man off and clearly they bother on principle”.

When www.calitown.com called Murphy on the phone, he did not take the call nor return it at press time. Insiders insist two more resignations are on the way as the two appointees in question are disappointed with the way Ayade has presided over state affairs.

Recall that Ray Morphy is the son of Chief I. I. Morphy, foremost nationalist and patriot who until his death was the political leader of Northern Cross River. Ray contested for senate in 2015 under the PDP and was schemed out by forces who insisted that his principled stand on issues was at variance with what they were pursuing.


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  1. In my own opinion, based on facts and data at my disposal, Ayade is moving on a very fast lane that his rivalries could not comprehend, before one could utter ”JACK ROBINSON” he has already gotten to his destinations. I will advise that all those in the contrary direction and views should retrieve their footsteps and throw their weights behind hind him before it becomes too late

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