Ayade’s Chief Of Staff Mocks APC

A screenshot of the post on Facebook

In what is a direct jibe at the All Progressive Congress,  Martin Orim, Chief of Staff to Cross River State governor,  Ben Ayade,  took to his Facebook page early this morning to comically express his disdain for the “lies”, he believes the APC tells.

“If you don’t stop lying, you will grow up to become an APC member”, the comic post showing a woman bent down and instructing her son. The post even made veiled reference to a certain “Lai”, unarguably Buhari’s information minister.

But in a swift reaction to Orim’s post,  an APC stalwart and former member of the Cross River State House of Assembly, Cletus Obun, on the line from Abuja, described Orim’s post as “… I don’t understand this outlandish post because it is attention seeking and borne out of a brain wave that he may be suffering from. If he is looking for a den of liars, he has to look inwards because his party the PDP created and left behind a deck of debris that they expect us to clean up in two years. If we are looking for evidence of lies, please look at the PDP”, he concluded.

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