Ayade Shocks PDP Caucuses, To Name LG Caretaker Committees

Gov. Ayade

Cross River State governor, Ben Ayade has handed local government caucuses of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in the state a shocker with what can be referred to as an overnight decision to personally name and constitute caretaker committees for the 18 local government areas of the state.

Ayade, through his Chief Press Secretary, Christian Ita, informed caucus members and the entire public in a circulated release that, “It has come to the attention of His Excellency the state governor, Senator Professor Ben Ayade that members of the various local government caucuses of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have been unable to collectively agree on a list of names for appointments as members of local government councils caretaker committees.”

Consequently, Ayade, the release said, “…has decided to revert to the traditional method of making such appointments by constituting the caretaker committees by himself after due consultations with relevant stakeholders in each local government chapter of the party.”

When Christian Ita spoke to www.calitown.com early this morning, he alluded to the fact that most of the caucuses have been unable to agree on a list. “Some of them have more than one list and have been unable to agree among them on who and who should be on their respective lists”, he said.

PDP insider sources however told www.calitown.com that “we have all walked into another trap as usual. Our governor has brought this caretaker committee thing to create confusion and then come tackle the issue as the all knowing god. Instead of conducting council elections all this while, he turned his back on that and now because the general elections are around the corner, he wants caretaker committees in place, to take instructions and implement his reelection plan; it is always about him and no one else. For all he cares, as long as he wins reelection, nothing else matters”, one source maintained.

Another source maintains thus: “see, you people at www.calitown.com have to understand that this is politics. Ayade has to fester his political nest, by any means necessary, unless he doesn’t understand that he is in a battle against a very formidable Owan Enoh and his co-travellers. Ayade must will create all the diversions that will get him back in. We must learn that it is about him and not us.”

While some LG caucuses have generated names for their committees, “that lists of names already gènerated by caucuses will therefore, now be for reference purposes only”, Ita’s statement concluded.

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