April Fool’s Day And The News We Carried



Many publications mark April Fool’s Day by publishing prank stories—a tradition we embraced in yesterday’s, April 1, 2019, news story on www.calitown.com

For us, the prank was designed not to unsettle any person or group of persons but just to break away for once, from the serious news gathering and dissemination routine.

And then we can for certain say, from the feedback we got, that the impact of this prank was enormous and far reaching. The characters in the story, the very cerebral DC Enahme, the ‘Taliban’, Ifere Paul and HIT FM’s delectable Ukay Ogah, were inaundated with an endless stream of calls; the enormous effect we refer to.

However, our prank clearly showed us that several persons who end up purveying news on the internet, do not read stories beyond the headlines. Unfortunate as this is, it remains the true content of a larger population’s reading aspirations and habit. We must question this laziness; it is an anomaly.

Especially to DC Enahme, whose phone hasn’t rested, we say SORRY for helping to run down your phone battery; but we appreciate the fact that you have shown mature understanding as the prank’s spread lasted.

Finally, we clearly saw from this prank that our esteemed audience has come to the conclusion that the authenticity of news carried by us is top draw; reliable, truthful, balanced, professionally delivered and BELIEVABLE. We will continue on the right path and further strive to keep up with the hard work that so many people out there have come to recognize and identify us with.

The blessings of God are upon us all as we march forth. Immensely, we thank you all.

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