APC Victory In Ekiti Unsettles PDP In C’River

A pensive Gov. Ayade

Less than 24 hours after the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, won an atritious gubernatorial election in Ekiti State, there are indications that APC elements of CR extraction are gearing up for an Ekiti-like gubernatorial election showdown with the PDP, to wrestle and take away the vice-like grip of the PDP on the gubernatorial seat in the state.

Competent sources within the state and the nation’s capital, Abuja, assured www.calitown.com that political and administrative events in the state over the last three years, appear to have united several APC elements against CRS governor, Ben Ayade. Several certain meetings have been scheduled by APC elements in the state to marry the clear political divergences of the APC in CRS. The APC in the state is also making subtle moves to deploy federal might to unseat Ayade.

“You don’t need to go convincing anybody, your state governor has given you people more than enough reasons to cast votes against him. You know he has only fulfilled utopian promises and him. you him. you know he has only fulfilled utopian promises and him. you know he has only fulfilled utopian promises and superintended over the massive destruction of our administrative structure and you will have more than enough reasons to vote him out. Let me ask you people, where is the Ayade super highway? I will answer, it is in his brain while our forests have been burgled and the wood exported to China; as simple as that. The man is a comedy of errors. We are poised to take our state back”, one source in Abuja submitted.

Inside the PDP in CRS, we were informed that the governor, Ben Ayade, has not properly funded the party and her leadership like former governors, Donald Duke and Liyel Imoke did. This has been the singular reason why party cohesion has been difficult to achieve. “Look at even our party chairmen in the local governments, the party’s machinery at the grassroots, has he reached out to them? We cannot beat our chests that these chairmen will work foolproof for our governor. It is a matter of grave concern and the man is not listening to us. We don’t know which strategy he wants to deploy but as a PDP man, I am afraid that we are not as formidable as we use to be and what we have seen in Ekiti will be replicated here if we are not careful because we have laboured as a party to impress”, our source within the party said.

The APC we also gathered is designing a subtle but effective political propaganda machinery anchored on Ayade’s pension and gratuity blunders after he collected the bailout funds as well as his inability to conclusively address the issues behind the withdrawal of services by public school teachers in the state. “They are good at propaganda and never good at doing the real job. Aren’t they doing a horrible job at the centre? So they want to team up and come and lie their way to Peregrino House and end this state, it will not happen”, a chieftain of the PDP in the state replied.

Political observers are positing that the APC leadership at the centre will at the appropriate time herd her prominently scattered flock in the state together, even though she is yet to present a candidate formidable enough to unseat Ayade. ” Don’t worry, we will shock Ayade, who can continue travelling and leave behind fake promises while our state becomes the latest laughing stock”, another APC chieftain maintains.

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