APC Makes Strong Case In Yakurr, PDP In Trouble

APC-Logo1Records available to www.calitown.com reveal that in the last membership registration exercise conducted by the opposition All Progressives Congress, APC, in Yakurr Local Government Area, the party recorded her highest number of validly registered members in what one watcher describes as “the beginning of a problem in the LGA”. Asked what “the beginning of a problem in the LGA” meant, the source replied that, “Yakurr is a PDP stronghold but those who have come out to throw their weight behind APC could be pointing us to events in the not too distant past thay saw PDP losing elections in the LGA, but using might and underhand tactics to declare her candidates, winners”.

On the line from Abuja, human rights lawyer and APC chieftain, Okoi Obono-Obla confirmed to www.calitown.com that “yes, Yakurr validly registered members of our party after the registration exercise was 10,950, it is a good sign, but remember too that apart from what the PDP does, it cannot lay claim to having this number of valid members in Yakurr”. Pointed to the fact that the number may be too small when one considers the population of the LGA, another source who pleaded anonymity replied that, “these APC people are demonstrating that little by little they can take this whole state with a bang and our leaders in Yakurr PDP, are not helping matters”. The source went on to say that, “let our leaders sit down in Calabar and Abuja putting trust in rigging all of the electoral processes or wait on instructions from the governor. Please those of you who can tell them, help us tell them that Liyel Imoke is going and will not politically baby sit them, the handwriting on the wall is let us come together and work at ensuring that Obono-Obla and his people do not drag the carpet from under our feet”.

Perhaps too, these are troubled times for the ruling party in Yakurr. Further sources say by far, there is a palpable feeling of resentment within the party over what a source refers to as “the desire of one man to Lord over us all.Even those of us who created opportunities for the so called leaders, struggle to be heard within the party now and the party’s undoing will be the spanners thrown from within at the appropriate time”. She continues, “I hope you know that people can belong to a party but not vote for her, it will play out again like it did before, unless the real peole who attracted us to this party, come and put things that have been out of order for so long”.

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  1. I dey laugh this APC people and their media talk….. It’s not about party but persons who mount such position, the claim that they scored a high number of person in the just concluded APC registration in yakurr is funny because the same process of falsification of numbers of voters and inclusion of ghost names they complain about PDP in yakurr is what the APC have done now and coincidentally one of the agents of APC I caught doing that was an yakurr guy , I had gone to Armani suites 2 months ago have a brief with a client who came in from Lagos and as we were still seated, I noticed this young man filling names from a long piece of paper and I was curious so I peep further and noticed that he was doing the ghost name procedure and I complained to my client pointing to the fact they APC are the ones complaining of such act and this one is fully involved carrying out such act and that’s why they will fail woefully. It’s a simple life approach…” He who comes to equity must come with a clean hand” so please forget the figures, very soon we will know the truth

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