APC Cross River State Replies Ayade, Says He Lied

Our attention has been drawn to a trending media report by agents of the Sen.Ben Ayade led People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Government which states that Sen.John Owan Enoh’s kinsmen have all rejected the All Progressives Congress Governorship Candidate and rather endorsed Sen.Ben Ayade for the March 2,2019 governorship poll.
Nothing can be further from the truth as this ‘make -belief.’
The general public should note that this government and its leadership has lies as its mantra. Or how else can one describe,for instance,the mounting of digital billboards by this government in parts of Abuja,the Federal Capital Territory, parading all the so-called signature projects of Sen.Ben Ayade including the much touted Superhighway,Deep Seaport among others as projects already completed by Ayade.
How would one explain the announcement of a N1 trillion budget when in actual fact,the state’s resources both internal and external cannot make a projection of N1 trillion now. How do we appreciate a situation where Governor Ayade prides as giving the state a sustainable industrial base when factory equipment as that of the so-called Rice Seedlings factory were only hired from his foreign business partners and were returned as soon as the ground breaking was over. These are litany of lies and are still counting.
One is not surprised that the said rejection of Sen.Owan-Enoh by his kinsmen alleged by  Ayade’s agents is just another ‘digital lie of the century’ from the ‘Digital Governor of lies’ that the Electorate must separate fictions from the real issues.
For the sake of emphasis, the Governorship Candidate of the APC,Sen. John Owan- Enoh was last week endorsed by Governorship Candidates of 15 different political parties. This is in addition to the previous endorsement by three other political parties. The number is still counting, and some more are reaching out to the next Governor, Sen. Owan-Enoh for endorsement having seen the direction of the pendulum coupled with his sincerity to rescue Cross River from the phenomenal retrogression of the state under Ayade’s watch.
It is perhaps in envy of this height attained by Sen. Owan-Enoh that the Governor has concocted this digital lie to attract the attention of the gullible public. A lie remains a lie!
Incidentally, while Sen. Owan-Enoh’s quest for the rescue of the state is founded on a four-point agenda of promoting effective and efficient Security of lives and property through robust collaboration with stakeholders; Human Capital Development, Provision of Infrastructure and Industrialization in areas the state has comparative advantage achieved through effective collaboration with relevant Stake holders including the Federal Government, Development Partners, Research Organizations and the Organized Private Sector,the Ayade’s quest for a second term is only founded on the continuous ploy to approach governance with ‘practical joke’ typical of which is seen in the deceptive industrialization drive of his government.
The story of his purported endorsement by Owan-Enoh’s kinsmen is therefore a hoax.
Incidentally, that  Sen.Owan-Enoh’s elder brother has endorsed him(Ayade) does not in any way obliterate the APC Candidate’s chances of victory in the forthcoming polls. Such histories abound all over the world where Election winners faced even fiercer opposition from family members…in the course of their campaigns.
Much as we do not expect brothers to be on the same page politically and ideologically, such matters are better left as private and not for public discourses. To whip such sentiments in public space, however, goes to show the extent to which Sen. Ayade’s popularity has waned leaving him to drown in the waters of a second term ambition. This too is another falsehood by the Ayade’s dynasty ostensibly from the pit of hell!
We however challenge the Governor to deny this claim of posing as a compulsive liar about the issues of endorsement as well as others raised above.
Better Days Are Possible Again In Cross River.
State Publicity Secretary.
January 9, 2019.

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