The Efik Eburutu Consultative Assembly (EECA),a leading pan-Efik socio-political movement, is aware that a certain Igbo man who resides and does business within our domain, Chief Emmanuel Ezenwanyi, is actively mobilising and has scheduled a programme for the 24 November 2018 to cap himself as Paramount Ruler and Eze Ndiigbo of Cross River State.

It maybe worth recalling that over 20 years ago, this same person had attempted such a move and it was halted by the Government of Cross River State and all Traditional Institutions at the time.

We are surprised that this contraption has been resurrected and note, with satisfaction, the pronouncement by the Chairman of the State Traditional Rulers Council declaring the title of Eze Ndi-Igbo of Cross River State as illegal.

Again, we note with satisfaction, that the South-East Traditional Council has also cautioned that the title of Eze Ndi-Igbo is reserved exclusively for traditional rulers in Igboland and should not be allowed outside Igboland.

Our people say that when you see a frog jumping in daylight there must be something chasing it. Further enquiry suggests that this latest attempt of Chief Ezenwanyi is a smokescreen supported by elements outside the State who have been perpetrating major security infractions against the unity of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The discerning public should recall a similar move in 2017 when some youths were lured into a ceremony by Nnamdi Kanu and the ceremony was later portrayed as an endorsement of Biafra and its militants by the revered Obong of Calabar. This was quickly followed by the release of maps in which Cross River State was lumped into Biafra. 

The security agencies have therefore been alerted to these illegal moves orchestrated by Chief Emmanuel Ezenwanyi and his unseen sponsors under the guise of “Eze Ndigbo of Cross River” to provide a platform that can be used to issue stay at home orders and even disrupt or boycott the upcoming elections.

Once again we urge our innocent and patriotic Cross Riverians to be mindful of the kind of ceremonies they attend so as not to be roped into any illegality. We also urge the security agencies to continue to be proactive in nipping any unseen plot that can cause a breach of peace.

EECA wishes to admonish the peace-loving and enterprising people of Igbo extraction in Efik land and across the State to ignore and dissociate themselves from any illegality being contrived using the good name of the Igbo Communities in the State. We assure all of the continued harmonious relationships between the Efik Nation and all law abiding Igbos across our domain.

Long Live the Efik Nation!

Long Live the Igbo Communities!

Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

HRH Etubom Archibong E. Ironbar

Prof. Louis E. Attah

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