Alex Egbona Celebrates 50, Plot Thickens Against Him

Alex Egbona, supported by his wife, cuts his 50th birthday cake (Photo credit: Kelvin Idaka)
Alex Egbona, supported by his wife, cuts his 50th birthday cake (Photo credit: Kelvin Idaka)
Former Chief of Staff to CR governor, Alex Egbona, earlier today, Wednesday, October 15, 2014, celebrated his 50th birthday with friends, well wishers and supporters in his Igbo Ekureku country home, Abi LGA, CR Central. As early as 6 a.m, a large crowd of supporters had gathered at his Ekorinim, Calabar home and later drove in a convoy with Egbona to Abi. reporters on the ground say the atmosphere was carnival-like as men, women and children sang and danced, while also wishing him a happy birthday and many fruitful years ahead. It was also an opportunity for several pro-Egbona groups to pour out, demonstrate and drum up support for Egbona who has his sights set on snapping up the Abi/Yakurr House of Representatives seat, next year.

While Egbona’s supporters may have danced and enjoyed the atmosphere in Igbo Ekureku, unknown to many of them, there is a grand plot being put in place to deny Egbona the House of Reps ticket. First, several days ago,, pointed to the intrigues that may have denied one of Imoke’s aides, Eja Dons Esege, the Chief of Staff position, vacated by Egbona. Sources say, Imoke’s kinsmen who have become wary of Egbona’s influence, “made subtle representations to the governor to put down Egbona’s preference for Esege, to occupy his seat, to show Egbona that they too can have a say in what happens in the administration”.

It is also believed that the same kinsmen are teaming up with Bassey Ewa, who represents Abi/Yakurr in the lower chamber, to scuttle Egbona’s ambition, allowing Ewa to take a third shot at the seat. Observers say, while there is a widely argued and supported position that the House of Reps position should shift from Yakurr to Abi, after remaining in Yakurr for 16 years, Imoke’s kinsmen look set to throw Abi’s perceived chance away, to Egbona’s disadvantage. Series of open and clandestine meetings have been held and money may have exchanged hands all in a bid to scuttle Egbona’s ambition. But one source informed that, “if Egbona cannot run, Ewa too will not go back to the House of Reps. Those who think they can decide for all of us, even if we are grumbling will soon find out that the chicken has grown teeth overnight”.

As Egbona savours the goodwill and affection of family, friends and supporters, the days ahead will be politically definitively, can say.

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