Aggrieved Youths ‘Tear’ CR Senator Apart

Oko, addressing Ugaga people. Credits: Thompson Yeche

Rose Oko, the senator representing Cross River State Northern Senatorial district in Nigeria’s Senate is under fire over allegations that she may have done little or nothing to show support and solidarity to the Ugaga community in Yala Local Government Area of the state, following the recent arrest and detention in Abuja of the community’s traditional ruler, Ogamode Ogar Ipuole, for reasons not unconnected to the recent clash between the community and Fulani herdsmen.

The furore began after a community member, one Thompson Idagu Yeche, alleged on Facebook page yesterday that Oko deceived the people of Ugaga, her constituents, claiming she called Nigeria’s Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, concerning the travails of the community’s leader in the hands of security agents. “You deceived the people of Ugaga that you called IG of police concerning the travail they’re passing through currently. Please play your politics and keep us out of your political game. You think our people don’t know those who stood behind them during this struggle? … You gathered the people without their leaders and you had the temerity to deceive them that you called the IG of Police. Ordinary phone calls you did not call … but you went to the community pretending and playing them around.” Yeche wrote.

A flurry of comments from aggrieved youths immediately trailed Yeche’s post with Christopher Omaga commenting that, “Please we should not be relying on this so call senators and other people that claim to be big men and women from our zone… They believe they are comfortable, so to hell with every other person around them…Senator Rose Okiji Oko is a self-centered person so let’s forget about her for now, till the day of reckoning which is around the corner”. The outbursts continue: “Too bad. Gathering the people without their leader is uncalled for. As old as Ogamode is Sen. Rose (Oko) cannot visit him and even cook for him at the station before negotiating his release” Adoga Micael Oyi, also wrote. Daniel Riwo adds, “…this woman is just heartless… The clan head will certainly not bless her return agenda…” Sharon Odey chipped in with, “She is a fraud, Rose Oko can never ever defend anyone from Cross River State. Try going to see her, see the way she treated late Joy Odama’s matter. Please we in Obudu and Ogoja are done with her illicit black lies.”

However, in a swift reaction to Yeche’s post, Stephen Jasper Ogar took a swipe at Yeche, accusing him of writing “what you do not have an in depth knowledge of. I think this is very irresponsible of you, let me put it to you and advice you that those who have the interest of the society thinks (sic) of what they can contribute to the development of their little ways.” Oko Joseph immediately wraps Stephen Jasper Ogar, by insisting that “Rose Oko is a disaster to not only Yala but to entire Cross Riverians. (sic) What the hell are you talking about? Don’t come here to spill nonsense. Did Rose Oko go to visit the Ogamode while in Abuja? Did she call the IG? If yes what happened thereafter? It’s people like you that won’t allow progress in our communities cum state.”

Sources inside Oko’s camp believe this outburst is “sponsored by fifth columnists hell bent on casting aspersions on the senator and of course you know these never-do-wells will rave and rant for a painful penny, but make no headway. The senator has done what she can do for Ogamode Ipuole and the respected traditional ruler is back in his domain, we must learn not to play bad politics with everything”, a message to in relation to this issue, said.

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