Advertorial: Reaction To Cross River PDP Chairman’s Recent Interview In The Sun Newspaper

Chief Ernest Irek
Chief Ernest Irek
Our attention has been drawn to an interview published in the Sun newspaper of Thursday 3rd September 2015, credited to the Chairman of PDP in Cross River State, Ntufam John Okon. Ordinarily, like the Distinguished Senator, the group, Victor Ndoma-Egba Political Organization wouldn’t have dignified Okon with any reply but like they say, lies if not immediately repudiated may begin to look like the truth.

That the PDP is a sunken boat in Cross River State under John Okon is no longer news. What is newsworthy now is the anxiety to set a burial date. The day the PDP made the mistake of making Okon chairman was when they sung their nunc dimitis. Okon is bad news politically and no worthwhile political party will touch him with a ten foot pole.

Here is a man who before he jumped into the fray was a civil servant who after he retired was drafted, from where he was busy playing his game of draughts on a daily basis at his village in Akamkpa. This was a man who was never a party member and so does not know the workings of PDP. He had and infact still has no political value.

Now to address the text of his ridiculous interview which the paid reporter did not bother to attempt to balance the story by at least sounding out Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba’s views. Okon claimed they excluded Ndoma-Egba from their meetings over anti-party.
The reaction of John Okon to a categorical statement credited to Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba that he had been shut out of PDP’s activities in the last three years is as incoherent, childish and ridiculous as the party has been under his watch.

For the avoidance of doubt and record purposes let it be clearly stated that Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba was NEVER at any meeting where zoning was discussed and it is likely that Okon is hallucinating as usual. If any such meeting with senator Ndoma-Egba took place, let Okon produce evidence instead of blabbing.

1. Since when did a man, Dr Sandy Onor who was a three time Director General of former Governor Liyel Imoke ‘s campaigns, (became Commissioner for Agriculture and later Environment) become Ndoma-Egba’s right hand man. Okon may as well say Dr Alex Egbona, Chief of Staff to Imoke for seven years is also Senator Ndoma-Egba’s right hand man just for good measure.

2. Most haunting is the assertion that Senator Ndoma-Egba was at a well fabricated primary. Which party did Ndoma-Egba disagree with? For crying out loud, which reconciliation committee saw Ndoma-Egba? Who led it and when and where did they meet with the Distinguished Senator. Okon should tell the world those who made approaches to Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba both in Abuja and at State level. When and where did the Governor approach Senator Ndoma-Egba?
Questions upon questions begging for answers.

3. Truth be told, it is because Okon and his co-travellers have just hit the earth and recognize the towering value of Ndoma-Egba, what with the recent overtures being made by APC to have this valuable asset in their kitty.

The numerous sins PDP committed against Ndoma-Egba will definitely haunt them into the 2019 general elections. Ntufam Okon is talking bladder dash. If he has nothing to say, our advice is for him to keep his mouth shut and accept the stark reality that the PDP has sunk deeper into oblivion under his inept leadership.

Meanwhile, we call on Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba not to look back in his march towards greater political glory. He should realize that his hand is on the plough and there should be no turning back. That is the least we expect from this astute and quintessential politician of Cross River State extraction.

Chief Ernest Irek
Director General, Victor Ndoma-Egba Political Organization

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  1. Who cares if PDP sinks,you and your principal Ndoma are nothing but attention seeker and failure.what has he done to the people of his zone as a Senate?to place to employee to surcharge a qualified jobseeker with his in law?please spare us your noise.greedy stingy and selfish people

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