Abi May Boil Again

dangerJust weeks after Usumutong and Ediba communities of Abi LGA were in the news for the wrong reasons, www.calitown.com can reveal that there are new security threats in the LGA and sources on the ground are concerned that something needs to be done so that the situation does not become another unfortunate case.

On the line from the area, these are the words of our source: “Bhazohure boys carrying bags of rice for Afikpo women were attacked by Ebom boys and the bags of rice destroyed with a stern warning issued that no rice from Usumutong will pass through there. Please can you use your medium to draw attention to another crisis sitiation in the area, capable of taking lives and property again”

Investigations by www.calitown.com show that the rice, cultivated in Usumutong and transported through either Ebom or Igonigoni beaches enroute Ndibe beach for the market in Oziza, has over the years been a lucrative business venture for the many people cultivating rice in Usumutong. It however appears that those behind Monday and yesterday’s attacks, are bent on snuffing economic life out of the Usumutong rice farmer. In the event that this scenerio plays out, embers of hatred and conflict would have been fanned. “Authorities concerned will need to do something because I am sure that nobody can just sit down and watch another person or group of persons insist and affirm through intimidation that you cannot undertake legitimate business”, a further source submitted.

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