“A Rabble Rouser Always Seeking Attention, He Can’t Even Talk For Bekwarra He Now Speaks For OBUBRA”: Fabian Okpa Replies Donckleimz Enamhe

We publish unedited, Fabian Okpa’s reply to a story we carried on www.calitown.com about the trio of Donald Duke, Liyel Imoke and John Owan Enoh

Fabian Okpa

I ordinarily don’t respond to your likes on social media whether I ve been talked about negatively or positively. It was “my” brother Chief  John OYOM OKPA, Ovat oyantana 1 of mbembe land who once said that children only throw stone on trees that bear edible fruits.

You Donclems knows how and why I was ostracized from my family like a leper by my brother not even you would want to have anything to do with me, all pleas for clemency were routed through your office as chief of staff in fact I must remind you of a particular mistake I made in one of those letters seeking for clemency , I had refered to chief’s wife  Dr Ivy Okereke OKPA as “anti” instead of “auntie” and you all made jest of me saying that I should have done better as a lawyer apparently oblivious of the psychological trauma I was passing through at that time.

I ran election because l needed to take my destiny by my hand after been rejected by a family I belong. It wasn’t to spite my brother and certainly not back stabbing. Throughout the campaigns I ran preceding  my election I never said or did anything against my brother. I was rather marked for elimination. The story of how a young man was shot and burnt in my car isn’t new to anyone. I have since moved ahead and forgiven the perpetrators of this heinous act against me. Let me say here clearly that more than a decade after the demise of my dear brother HE chief john OYOM OKPA  those who betrayed him, those who fanned the embers and the reasons for the betrayal is well known to us. My name is Fabian OKPA and whether in my university days when I used to carry my brother’s bag at the formative stage of People’s Front of Nigeria through to the days of United Nigerian Congress Party and to the PDP I have remained the same I do not need to wear Afro hairdo to make me look taller or bigger neither am I looking leaner like senator John owan Enoh or HE senator Liyel Imoke as you said my real folks have always known me like this.

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