A L E R T: Social Media Influencer Receive Threats After Post Condemning Extortion

Su Su

Social media influencer, Su Su, says she has received a flurry of threats after she posted comments and exposed a grand scheme by unnamed persons in her local community to extort huge sums of money from the community under the guise that the money will be used to offer logistic support to staff of the National Population Commission, NPC, presently carrying out census enumeration exercise.

Su Su, whose real name is Isu Arikpo, drew the attention of NPC and other government officials to this misnomer when she wrote on her Facebook wall that “each ward in Ilomi (Idomi, Yakurr LGA, Cross River State) should pay the sum of 20k. All the youths – 1k. All the women – 1k. All the men – 2k. They said it’s mandatory for the payment and that the money is to be used for paying those conducting the census. Now Ilomi is made of 8 or 9wards, do the maths…”

Clearly displeased with this scheme, Su Su wondered: “How do you want people that are barely feeding well to pay? Where will our old mothers and fathers see 2k to pay for census?…Era of smart phones and stupid people. For years Idomi has been battling the lack of portable and safe water supply, politicians are seeing the problems of the community, using it and making empty promises in their campaigns and doing nothing afterwards.”

Pressed by www.calitown.com to show proof that she has come under attack and threatened, Su Su maintains “My mom’s elder sister and her husband, including their neighbor were around with me when my elder brother who is adviser to the youths and Kekowa ward (in Idomi) representative came on Wednesday morning to deliver the threats and give me warnings”. She exercised discretion by not immediately mentioning names.

She is however resolute in attacking the scheme; “I was that the entire community agreed on the levy which is a lie. A lot of people especially the old ones were complaining of too much levies been collected from them. Did our old mothers and fathers ask for a census? If they want to conduct census or whatever nonsense they want to do, let them use their looted resources to do so and leave those old mothers and fathers alone. Give us water, No. Give us light, No. Education and healthcare so poor. Roads ain’t even motorable, but you come to conduct census and want me to pay.” Sources in the community confirmed Su Su’s concerns

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  1. O though only my community is involved in this shit, the local leadership forum would wake up anydah and announce that the community has been billed by the government

  2. It’s so disgusting and disheartening that the politicians whom the people believe would protect their interests are the ones maiming and embezzling funds that were supposed to be used for human aid. How can a law be placed on the less privileged, people who barely feed to pay such amount of money? It’s so disappointing!

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