90-Year Old Roasted In CR Communal Clash, Indigene Cries Out

Scores of burnt houses in the area. Credit: Philip Obin

A 90-year old woman, whose identity www.calitown.com cannot reveal, is believed to have been burnt to death in the Erei, Biase Local Government Area, communal clash which boiled all through a greater part of last week. She was burnt to death when her house was set ablaze as the attack on one of the feuding communities mounted attacks.

An indigene of the area, Philip Obin, who made this disclosure, openly decried the security situation in the area, specifically saying that, “…the soldiers deployed after people were killed and more than 100 houses razed, have been withdrawn” since the 9th of December 2018.

“The Police and government in Cross River state, as well as the Nigeria Army Headquarters, were dully alerted of the … attacks over 24hrs (sic) before the attacks which led to the violent killing of dozens, while some were beheaded as shown in attached photos, yet they paid deaf ears, only for the police to rush to the media to lie that only 4 people sustained minor injuries. An old woman of about 90 years was also roasted in one of the houses burnt”, Obin insisted.

He passionately called on “well-meaning Nigerians to lend their voices to save my people from further death and damages”, just like he also called on “security agencies, such as the Nigerian Police headquarters and the Department of State Security (DSS), to immediately arrest and prosecute the sponsors and perpetrators of the crisis in Erei, Biase LGA of Cross River State, if peace must return to the zone formally known to be a peaceful zone.”

Photographs of the reality on ground, provided by Obin, show several thoroughly burnt houses, motorcycles and animals, belonging to several persons who have been killed or fled the area to neighbouring communities to seek refuge.

At the last count, of the 18 LGAs in Cross River State, 10, have recently witnessed one communal clash or the other, with government overwhelmed by the scale and frequency of these bloody clashes, www.calitown.com, can reveal.

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