534 Prisoners Coming To Nigeria

Information available to calitown.com shows that it is becoming likely by the day that the compulsory prisoner transfer agreement reached between Nigeria and the United Kingdom will see about 534 Nigerian nationals serving sentences in British prisons for various offences, repatriated to Nigeria to serve out their sentences in Nigerian prisons.
This agreement was pushed through by UK authorities who say it cost them an average of £40,000, to maintain one felon in a year. The agreement reached also will see the UK finance the building of new prisons in Nigeria and the upgrading of facilities in existing prisons. Nigeria accounts for one in 20 of all foreign prisoners in the UK.

Meanwhile, a breakdown of figures made available to calitown.com sources show that, Nigeria has the most citizens in foreign prisons, mostly in South East Asia, 9,000 at the last count. The breakdown further shows that, 4000 Nigerians are in Iranian prisons, 1,500 each in Brazil and Thailand, 300 in Malaysia, India, 400, and China 368. There are 110 Nigerians in Indonesian jails, 80 in Japan, 24 in Vietnam and Nepal has the least number, 17.

In all, 6,000 of those cases are drug related and the sentences are reportedly being served out in terrible prison conditions, often with no legal representations.

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  1. Hmmm, what Nigerians do ahhhhhh you can’t say, but yes if the British authorities would upgrade facilities and pay Cross River govt to look after the prisoners, I can’t say how cost effective this really is. Prisoners should serve their sentences in places where they committed crimes, otherwise this might become another element of corruption.

  2. Nigerians, and indeed Africans were doing quite okay for ourselves before the coming of the white colonialist imperialists. Low or non existent crime rate, divorce etc.Now their enforced culture on us which we learned from them is now haunting them – they want to repartriate. I say NO! let the prisoners remain there! We do not want any more of their corrupting handouts and negative influences…

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