Ex-Militants Storm Gov’s Office In Calabar

A large crowd of ex-militants who call themselves Bakassi Freedom Fighters, have blocked the entrance to the Governor’s Office in Calabar, preventing people from entering or exiting the office in circumstances not unconnected with their insistence that a backlog of allowances owed them by government must be paid, www.calitown.com can reveal. Security agents have swiftly responded, milling around the entrance and preventing the militants from gaining access into the premises. “Last month we were here and they told us that our voucher is ready and we went away to wait for the money which as you can see has not come. These people lie a lot and please we don’t need anything outside our entitlements, let them just give us our money”, one of the protesters told www.calitown.com. Government’s response was not avail:ble at the time of going to press. More details shortly.

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