5-Year Old, Nine Others Killed In Fresh Ediba/Usumutong Conflict

An unnamed five-year old boy and nine others are believed to have been killed in early Saturday morning’s attack on the Usumutong community by persons suspected to be from Ediba community, both of Abi Local Government Area, Cross River State, www.calitown.com has been informed.

A confirmed source, on the line from Usumutong revealed that the dawn attackers ruthlessly torched a few houses, felling the victims in the process before retreating, as day broke. “We do not know if there’s a conspiracy somewhere because while our people fight and kill themselves over nothing, the Cross River State Government has shown no demonstrable commitment to help ensure that the issues at the crux of this recurrent conflict are addressed once and for all” the source added.

In Ediba, Saturday morning, armed war weary locals were sighted making their way back to the village as our crew carefully visited the area. Apprehensive indigenes were also gathered in clusters obviously discussing the latest ugly development. Attempts by our crew to take pictures were stoutly rebuffed.

Meanwhile, CP Hafiz Inuwa, Cross River State Commissioner of Police, when contacted by www.calitown.com this morning, expressed displeasure at the resumption of hostilities between the two communities, adding that police personnel have been mobilized to the area. At press time, we could ascertain that the said personnel had not arrived the area.

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  1. Why is the govt always reactive instead of proactive. I read on this forum how both communities are squaring up for war but till damage is done not the govt or police did anything to stop this carnage. Its regrettable and I recommend govt should ceased that particular land/s in contention to forestall further destruction of lives and property.

  2. It is so pathetic that the government of Cross River State is doing nothing about this crisis. I’m beginning to feel the crisis are politically motivated. Why is the government so silent in this matter? Why ain’t they doing nothing about it. Why is the police commissioner not sending an active response team. Why are the Bahumono elites so silent too. It’s a shame and a pity.

  3. Even uptill this moment, the Usumutong Community is still cultivating the said land despite clear victory for Ediba at the Apeal Court! yet Government has continually fold its arms watching>

  4. We have a clueless government, a clueless police force. Safety of lives and properties is the primary responsibility of any govt. Ayade has failed woefully.

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