2016 Canival Calabar: Contractor Works Late Into The Morning

The colourful design at the governor’s stand
Early Tuesday morning, www.calitown.com can report that contractors building the 2016 Calabar Carnival governor’s stand on Marian Road, were up until 1.53 am, working to ensure that the stand is completed before the showpiece Carnival, holding on December 28, 2016.

Philip Efem, the contractor at the site who spoke with www.calitown.com, informed that he and his workers had to work into the morning to deliver on the job. While he wasn’t excited that he was not mobilized on time to deliver the job, he however blamed it on the unfortunate financial situation of things in the state. Pressed further on whether he will be able to deliver a standard job, Efem gave assurances that what he will deliver within the short time frame, will be a standard job. He clearly prayed that “we hope the capacity we have specified for this place will be strictly adhered to. You know with this politicians, you never can tell if they will only let the number of persons specified, sit in the stand.”

On Marian Road, the major carnival route, visible preparations are in top gear to deliver what a government source said will be “a carnival to remember”.

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