2015: “Cross Riverians Must Do Something” – PDP Source

pdpWhile all of Cross River awaits the outcome of the series of processes that should throw up a gubernatorial candidate of the ruling People’s Democratic Party, PDP, to stand in the 2015 election, it appears that so much undercurrents may be playing out in the run-in to the elections, www.calitown.com sources are insisting.

In the wee hours of today, an informed PDP source from Abuja, the nation’s capital, called www.calitown.com and is insisting that, “all what the party is working for is to give this state a gubernatorial candidate who will be as ineffective as the council chairmen that were handpicked and forced on the people. I mean, how do you begin to imagine that after forces within the party attempted to force Gershom Bassey on us and failed, they have turned attention to machinations that will take the governorship to Obanliku? Let me blow your mind, Ugbo will be thrown up to do just four years and Gershom, drafted from the Senate thereafter to take over as governor of the state; it is the plan, Cross Riverians must do something”.

The source went on to say that, “Ugbo will be an unpopular governor because he would be handed a debt profile that will leave him with nothing to pay salaries. He will struggle, but will get nowhere as the trap these people have set will consume him. See, the whole idea is simple, too many sleazy deals have been undertaken with state funds and unless we draw attention to these things and Cross Riverians begin to see that their future has been mortgaged by these political hawks, we will never get to anywhere as a state. Have you seen that even the evacuation of refuse in Calabar metropolis is a challenge because of the level of corruption in our system, we must not let this situation continue”.

On the massive resignation in the CRS Executive Council, the source continues, “show me anyone of those persons who resigned that has maximum resources to execute a gubernatorial ambition. I pity them because they have been played into a room without an exit door. I must tell you, two, three months from now, having failed to secure the ticket, most of them will have nothing to do and become dead broke; then they will begin to smile sheepishly, looking for one appointment or the other which they may not get. Can you imagine that it is a system that makes mockery of all of us that these hawks want to perpetrate?”

Finally the source submits that, “the state caucus meeting this Friday will attempt to endorse their candidate, Cross Riverians must stand up and engage fruitful options that will enthrone not the will of a failed minority but that of the clear-cut majority, it is the only way forward, I swear”.

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